they might be giants, kindly quit with the harmonies

dear john and john of tmbg,

i am watching you on rage. you are guest-programming you’re favourite videos. you are guest programming many good videos, although you are also guest-programming a bit of abba.

that, as bad as it is, is not my complaint.

my complaint is your ‘between video commentary’.


when on rage, you are meant to say a little bit about the video you are about to play, why you like it, a little bit of history, whatever. all you’re doing is singing ‘bum-bum-bum-bum’ harmonies while you tell us that we’re ‘watching television late at night… blah, blah… music videos… blah blah… rage’

hey, guys, it was funny the first time, but your doing the same thing over and over! it gets tired pretty quickly!


please stop with the harmonies, and the telling us that we’re watching music videos late at night on rage.

that is all.

you may now go back to deciding whether it is istanbul or constantinople.
p.s how good a song is ana ng? i give it an 11!

“When I think about the dirt
That I’ll be wearing for a shirt
And I hope that I get old before I die.”

Incidentally, I give your Pit rant a 0.5/10. It didn’t involve anything I could relate to, the vitrol was labored, and the swearing lacked eloquence. It only got the half point because it gave me an excuse to remember old TMBG lyrics.

“I was born in a lighthouse
My mother was the sea
I crawled to school each morning
When it occurred to me
That life’s just a mood ring
We’re not allowed to see
And this is what it said
To me”

Talk ye no shit about They Might Be Giants.

They have earned the right to do whatever the hell they want on the teevee, at least as far as I’m concerned, simply because they put on the best live show that I’ve ever seen. Granted, I’m not exactly a connoiseur of the rock show. But of the few rock shows I’ve seen, TMBG were far and away the most entertaining, badass deliverers of The Rock of any of 'em.

They are geniuses, and if they care only to give a few harmonies in between videos, better that you should work to adjust your model of the universe to incorporate it, than speak ill of TMBG.

The Johns were on TV and the OP rants?



particlewill sulks because he missed it.

Just a little clarification: ‘Rage’, referred to in the OP, is a late-night music show on Australian public television. I’m not even gonna attempt to translate the rest of the post though.

I wonder what Chess Piece Face and the Rabid Child would think about this post? I would imagine that the Rabid Child is still tuning in and Chess Piece Face’s patience must be wearing thin.

ya, it was a bit half-hearted. if i had to come up with an excuse, i’d use this: