Thing-a-Day, 2011 edition

Creative types, come one, come all! It’s almost time for Thing-a-Day, the annual creative flowering. Sign up and commit to spending 20-30 minutes a day doing something – anything – creative, and post the results on the group blog. This will be my fourth year doing it, and it’s an amazing and inspiring experience.

Come join us!

I’m signed up! I’m also signed up for Year of the Jewelry Project – one piece of jewelry a week for a year.

February should be…interesting.

I’m looking forward to seeing your gorgeous creations.

Oh, freck - your stuff is so beautiful! I can’t wait! And twix, I’m curious to se what you sketch this year. I’ve been thinking about what I’ll do this year, my second year. I know lat year I turned to jewelry more and more as the month wore on. It’s nice to wear those pieces and think of that project throughout the year.

Not sure if I’m going to draw this year or not – each year I’ve done a single theme (word stuff, then photography, then drawing), and I was planning to this year (crafty: bookmarks), but I haven’t decided yet.

I remember you had a couple of really nice pieces last year, singular1 – I look forward to seeing what you do this year!

If anyone is participating and using a name other than his or her SDMB username, post your Thing-A-Day name here, if you’d like, so we can follow. I’ll be posting as twickster.

I’m in, and am using this same username. Since most of what I do is already creative, I’ll have to start working on new types of things.

panache45, glad you’re in! It’ll be interesting to see what you do, even if it’s nothing like your “regular” artwork.

Well, I’m in.

I have no idea what I’ll work on, but I really want to try thing-a-day this year and if I sign up and make it official I’ll have others to be accountable to, which may help motivate me.

I’m a little intimidated by all the talent around here, and I hope I don’t look too lame!

Don’t worry, Antigen, my level of artistic ability is very unintimidating! :smiley:

I joined in, this will be my first time, but according to Czarcasm, I do beautiful work in jewelry, and card making.

Yay, good deal!

“Remember, folks, this is not a competition – no wagering.” Truly, comparing yourself to others isn’t the point, at least for me – it’s the opportunity to have some fun, and to see cool stuff in media you don’t usually think about, and be inspired. My alphabet scarf, for instance, grew out of some brainstorming I did for last year’s project – it turned out not to be what I did for TAD, but I came up with the idea because of TAD.

I’m tempted but think I’ll be setting myself up to fail. I tried looking at stuff from last year but I can’t find an actual site, am I doing it wrong or do they not keep the old stuff somewhere?

Does each day have to be a separate item or can you work on parts of a project instead of an entire project? Do you have to actually post daily or can you save up a weeks work of stuff and post once a week?

Last year’s posts should be here. If you log in, you can access both the main thread and your own Posterous. Mine is still there, anyway. (Hm. My drawings were a little better than I remembered – maybe I should try drawing again this year.)

There are no rules in the sense that you’ll be in trouble if you break them. That said, most people do separate projects each day, or at least discrete sections of a larger project (one afghan square or quilt block, e.g.). The idea is to try new things, do something different, experiment, have fun, rather than to work on a project that you might be doing anyway.

That said – do it in whatever way works for you. It’s about playing with your own creativity, not pleasing some set of judges who you don’t even know. The point of posting is, again, for yourself – it helps me make sure I do it. (Plus it’s so fun and so inspiring to see everyone else’s work, and I feel like my post is the cost of that admission.) With the Posterous setup, posting is easy – you can email your entries in, including photos or other files.

Hope you’ll consider doing it – I really do totally love the experience every yer.

Weird. I tried clicking the link to the 2010 blog before and it wouldn’t take me anywhere. I guess I will sign up. I know the Craft Blog Police won’t show up if I don’t post everyday I just hate committing to something and then not being able to do it, but I guess I can give it a try.

By the way, I love bhagvati’s bunny drawings. I would buy Day 27 if it were a print. It has a cute but sad quality.

Okay, I signed up as wilee, I’m making a list of things to try so I don’t get stuck for ideas.

I’m in – I’m using limegreen there, too. I’m really interested in embroidery and weaving right now, so that will probably be most of what shows up, maybe with some jewelry thrown in.

I’m doing it again this year. Hopefully I won’t run out of steam like I did last year mid-month.

I’m also doing Iron Craft this year.

I’ve gone shopping and picked up some project materials. I’m going to try some decoupage work, maybe some painting/refinishing of wooden boxes, and some writing. I’ll also be baking and/or cooking for some of my “creations”, because I’m pretty sure that counts.

I’m seeing this as an excuse to try new stuff. I got a beginner’s embroidery kit, for example, so maybe one of my projects will be a picture of the basic stitches I’ve mastered. I’ve always wanted to do embroidery but never got around to it - why not now?

Oh, I’m in! I registered as **raen **there. I’m a painter, so a lot of my stuff will be watercolors, but I’ll also be doing some sewing. Here are a couple of paintings I’ve done in the past week. Looking forward to it!

Wow, Renee, those are wonderful! Look forward to seeing what you do.

I was in town today so I stopped by the art supply store as I walked past. Bought ten sheets of colored paper, plus some feathers, plus some two-sided origami paper, plus some gorgeous tissue paper in a bunch of shades. I’m thinking collage-y thoughts, not at all sure where I’ll be going with this more specifically than that.

Only 30 hours left to register – if you’re on the fence, go for it!