Things I learned in Montreal yesterday

  1. Eggspectations is overrated. This is the second time my breakfast arrived lukewarm
  2. Not a good idea to attempt to run on the cobblestone streets of the old port
  3. I prefer it when Charlie’s actually playing bass fiddle at Biddle’s rather than the young guy they had last night. But the old guy playing sax was superb
  4. The Straightdope doesn’t appear to be in either of the English weeklies. When did that get dropped?
  5. Despite all of the above, I LOVE MONTREAL
  1. So true. And their radio commercials are annoying. “Or would you contemplate the strawberry French toast flambé, fall in love with eggs Benedict?” barf.

  2. You are correct.

  3. No comment. Never been there; heard it’s way expensive.

  4. It used to appear in the Mirror but was dropped a few years ago.

  5. SO DO I! :smiley:

  • s.e.

What the hell were you doing in Montreal that you didn’t tell us first? shocked and appalled on behalf of all montredopers

Sorry, man! I would’ve loved to have gotten together with you guys, but:

  1. It was a last minute business trip with
  2. A very nebulous schedule that was being finalized in real time
    (oh yeah, and)
  3. Hi Opal!

If I get more notice next time, we can get together to discuss the pain of being lefties in a neocon wasteland!

Ditto for stoned inline skating, trust me.