Montreal PoutineDope: the itinerary

Somewhat incomplete, as my original pick for brunch doesn’t do the all-you-can-eat thing. But anyway…

Friday, Oct. 25:

Drinks at Drugstore at 8:30 PM, 1366 Ste-Catherine est.

Saturday, Oct. 25:

Poutine tasting at 1:00 PM at La Belle Province, 3001 Notre-Dame ouest, near Atwater Market.

No afternoon activities planned.

Dinner at 7:30 PM at Mazurka, 64 Prince-Arthur est.

Followed by karaoke and/or a drag show in the Village.

Sunday, Oct. 25:

Brunch somewhere TBD at 12:30 PM.

Brunch suggestions are welcome, otherwise it’s gonna be Chez Cora on Stanley.

Once the brunch thing is straightened out and reservations made, I’ll update the thread. As well, a PDF with detailed directions and contact numbers will be posted shortly.

Au plaisir de vous (re)voir ! :slight_smile:

So, where’s the PDF? What are we paying you for, text messages!?!?

Should we just meet initially at the P-tasting? Will there be a place to park there, etc?

I think you should drop andy and Dao off at Laur’s first, then park in the parking garage of the hotel next to my building. (I don’t want a repeat of the lno car break-in.) Then you & the boys can bring your stuff up to my place, and we’ll take the metro to the poutine joint.

If your ETA is later than the poutine tasting, we can make it later.

So. Am I, or am I not putting someone up on the Couch of Doom – er, Daer? :slight_smile: I will be there, and I promise not to sleep through everything. :smiley:

Right, the brunch gods were against me. Like, how retarded is it for a breakfast place like Chez Cora to not take group reservations on the weekend? So I had to make a very, very difficult executive decision. :rolleyes: It’s now lunch, at 12:30 Sunday, at Le Mandarin, 1240 Stanley, metro Peel. All-you-can-eat Chinese and North American food for only $8.00 (taxes included). Reservations under the name of scott, of course.

The cheesy itinerary PDF is done and will be online soon.

Oh, and upon re-reading my OP, that should be Friday, Oct. 25, Saturday, Oct. 26, and Sunday, Oct. 27. :smack:

Daer: I dunno.

The itinerary is available here:

For those who don’t have Acrobat Reader (it’s free, retards) :stuck_out_tongue: and weren’t able to print up the lovely PDF I made, here’s the full itinerary.

Also bumping the thread cuz I’m always afraid no one’s going to show up, but I said that before Doperéal, too…

Friday, Oct. 25

8:30 PM: meet for drinks at Drugstore, 1366 Ste-Catherine est, (514) 529-8999
Metro Beaudry; turn left when you exit the metro; cross Ste-Catherine street
Look for a drunk scott evil, the SDMB sign, and a one-legged Wonder Woman doll

Saturday, Oct. 26

1:00 PM: the Poutine Tasting at La Belle Province, 3001 Notre-Dame ouest, (514) 931-2574 (near Atwater Market)
Metro Lionel-Groulx; turn right when you exit the metro; walk down a few blocks to Notre-Dame
Meet outside – look for a hung-over scott evil and the SDMB sign

After lunch: Gastrointestinal distress; bloating. Activities TBD.

7:30 PM: dinner at Mazurka, 64 Prince-Arthur est, (514) 844-3539
Metro St-Laurent, then either walk up St-Laurent to Prince-Arthur or take the #55 bus if you’re lazy
Scenic riff-raff route (longer): Metro Sherbrooke, Berri ouest exit, cross St-Denis St. and walk through Carré St-Louis to Prince-Arthur.
Reservations under the name of scott
Note: although on Prince-Arthur, Mazurka is not a bring-your-own-wine restaurant

After dinner: TBD. Possibly karaoke and/or a drag show in the Village.

Sunday, Oct. 27

12:30 PM: Lunch at Le Mandarin, 1240 Stanley, (514) 871-8099, metro Peel, below Ste-Catherine
$8.00 (tax included) for all-you-can-eat Chinese and North American food
Reservations under the name of scott

Bus and metro

$2.25 per ticket; $9.00 for a strip of 6 tickets; $14.00 for a three-day tourist pass (carte touristique), available at downtown metro stations

**Other **

Pepto-Bismol, Tums, Maalox, Rolaids, Gaviscon, etc. available at all pharmacies, including Pharmaprix, Jean-Coutu, and Uniprix

If you need Montreal contact phone numbers and addresses, email me at

À vendredi ! :slight_smile:


Just saying.

sighs Work hates me. :frowning:

I’m going to miss both poutine and Le Mandarin, because I have to work 8.30 to 5 on Saturday and Sunday. However, I will be at Drugstore and Mazurka, and else might take place outside of those hours.

Ah well. At least I have a job now.

Daer, you suck. :wink:

No one’s coming. PoutineDope is cancelled.

Just kidding.

Maybe the mysterious d12 and Stephi will show up after all…

sigh Hope springs eternal.

So, when should I be expecting the lovely ladies to show up at my place Saturday morning?

Hm… around noon. We’re going to leave Hannover maybe 7:30, get clayton at 10:30-ish, depending on when we get to the fairy (no, not scott_evil, the boat across lake Champlain), then 1.5-ish hours to Montreal.

Ferry. Idiot.

You should lay off IRC and the sauce. They’re rotting your brain. :stuck_out_tongue:

I might be bringing my new kind-of-squeeze Danny along with me for some of the activities… I’m going to have to warn him about how bizarre you all are… :eek:

OK I’m weird too, but he’s used to it.

I don’t think I’ll be at Drugstore tonight, but I can’t WAIT to see you all tomorrow!

Dropping like flies… :frowning:

But Laur, you’re coming to lunch & dinner tomorrow and lunch Sunday? And any word from Elly.

Daer, detop, matt, are you still coming tonight?

I might bring Danny but matt is not allowed within a 50-foot radius of him. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, no, just got an email from work fag-hag advising against it…

This is a sinking ship. A train wreck. Insert metaphor here. :frowning:

No it isn’t, scott.

I’ll be there every other event, don’t worry!

So it’s safe to assume we won’t be seeing Elly, then?

No, I’m pretty sure she’ll be here any some point, scott, don’t worry!

Enowe: (I’m also e-mailing this to you in case you don’t see it here)

I’m really sorry, but some things have come up and I don’t believe I will make it there tomorrow. You won’t have to stop in Plattsburgh.

I’ll see you guys at another dopefest, have fun.