Things That Are Overrated

What I think is overrated:

Sex under water
Long hair
Thong underwear
Professional sports
Those Twilight kids
Potato salad
Obviously, YMMV. What do you think is overrated?

hey guys stop liking things I don’t like

The ignore function, otoh, is highly underrated.

Sex under water - you’re doing it wrong
Beer - you’re drinking it wrong
Long hair - you’re wearing it wrong
Thong underwear - ditto
Professional sports - you’re watching it wrong
Those Twilight kids - they are wrong
California - them too
Potato salad - you’re making it wrong

Most pop stars

They’re just my opinions. It was a thread to see what your opinions are, not so much to seek correction of my opinions. I see there’s a thread is Cafe Society about what foods other people like but you don’t. I don’t see people going in there to correct the OP and tell him that he should like the things he doesn’t. Maybe you’re doing it wrong.

Getting what you want.

Being the first to have sex with a female virgins. What the heck is it with all the men who have had this focus on virgins? Logically a woman with more experience is going to be better.

You are wrong about thongs, OP.

My apologies it was meant to be a joke.

So, in the spirit of the OP.

Expensive weddings.
Breaking Bad.
Most anything with Indie in its description.

Anything that makes the cover of People, Entertainment Whatever, the View or any of those TV, print or media shows.
I’ll automatically discount and reject any of the above as being not only overrated but probably utterly worthless.
/snob maybe and ask how big a shit I give about your opiinion. Hint: none.

The movie “Fargo.”

The Olympics as a forum for nations to engage in healthy, non-violent competition and exchange respect, and foster communication and cammeraderie

Thank God for the Olympics then, or else the 20th century would have been a fucking bloodbath.

I think the Porsche 911 is over-rated. The CEO of the company, Ernst Furmann, wanted to dump the model in the 1970s, but the Porsche family (mostly Ferdinand Piech) fought it because it was the last model designed by one of the family (Ferdinand “Butzi” Porsche, who just passed late last year). By the 80s, Fuhrmann had been pushed out and a new CEO brought in who spent tons of money and research re-vamping the model, culminating in the 993-derivation that showed up in 1994.

But Fuhrmann was right - Porsche’s best work has been the cars they’ve designed without being restricted to the 911. The mid-engine 914, the 944/968, the 928, even the Boxster/Cayman have all been dynamically superior and potentially better cars - and Porsche always hamstrung them so the flagship 911 would stay on top. The cars that came after the 993 are basically 911-shaped versions of what Fuhrmann wanted to do in the 70s: water-cooled, high horsepower, luxury GTs.

Arrested Development

The miniseries Rome. I was just reading the thread were recommending TV series and several people mentioned this one. Some even said it was one of the greatest shows ever.

It didn’t work for me. I found it barely watchable. I felt it took really interesting events and reduced them to just a soap opera.

Pretty much every one of life’s “big events”

There is the build up. The anticipation. The work/luck to get there.

Then it happens and meh…that was nice and 5 minutes later its back to life as usual.

Too boyant!


Well obviously you’re not a black man because they love long hair so much.

Yeah, that one ain’t happening.

Well, potato salad is fairly good if they don’t ruin it with pickles.


Funnel cakes. After the fourth bite, you just wanna die.