Things that might make me a pervert

In many places, my fondness for live lesbian sex shows could be taken as perverted, but it’s quite normal here.

I don’t EVEN want to get into what passes for perverted in Thailand. :eek:

“Oh give me a clone
Of my own flesh and bone
With it’s Y chromosome
turned to X…”

The problem is, I do have the imagination to conceive it. Sure the sex would be mind blowing, but what about the rest of it? That cute way she laughs, which eventually starts to drive you crazy after a few years, but it doesn’t take a few years because she’s you and it’s you. All of the character faults and bad habits and little quirky tics, anything you tell yourself you need to change in your deepest moments of self evalutation, made manifest in another person? Not even anything new, just the same stuff you’ve been dealing with all the time?

Melodramas and cunning headlines would be written of the aftermath.

Things that might make me a pervert:

A woman willing to lead me astray and corrupt my morals :smiley:

Kinky Kelly and the Sexy Stud?

BUT, but but but, I would be willing to point out she-me’s flaws, what was working well, what was fine but growing stale. You know, things you can only do in a VERY secure relationship, but without the hassle of establishing a very secure relationship.

And yes, it’s not ideal facing your own personality glitches, but this is purely a physical relationship. A fuck-buddy, of sorts. When you don’t need she-me, you can put her in cryostasis or your wardrobe or something. So addressing your point, there is no “rest of it”, just mind blowing sex.

AllWalkerina, I hope I meet you soon. :wink:

Hmm… better make a quick personal inventory:

  • Nope, never had a threesome with sisters, they’ve been unrelated. Also never had the clap.

  • Nope, no teachers either.

  • Yep, wet grass is nastier than I imagined it would be.

  • 23? Wow. But yeah, nothing like this either.

  • Yep, to cemetary and golf course also add playground equipment, campground shelter house picnic table and underground parking garage.

  • Nope, never jumped off of a balcony, but did do the cliche “stuck under the bed while girlfriend and her husband do it and wait until he falls asleep to sneak out.”

  • Nope, never had sex at work.

  • Yep, body painting sex, food sex, baby oil wrestling sex etc. And I didn’t take the banana but did once take an ice cube.

  • Never had mystery girl sex but did have a few good orgys here and there. My personal favorite was the Princess game where a girl gets to be the princess and everybody in the room pleases her in every way imaginable. That always turned out swell.

As to the OP, I don’t know about “Solitare” but I do know “Rosie” by Jackson Browne, great song.

*Rosie you’re all right,
You wear my ring.
When you hold me tight,
Rosie you’re my thing.
When I turn out the light,
I’ve got to hand it to me.

Looks like it’s me and you again tonight,

Neil Sedaka wrote the song, the Carpenters covered it as well as a bunch of other women. Um, but yeah he can sound like a woman. My personal favorite cover of the song in Sheryl Crow’s.

I refuse to say all the perverted things I think about, just so I don’t ruin everyone’s opinion of me. Slash fiction is the least of it.

I did grab my Guild Master’s ass last Pirate Faire. He’s old enough to be my dad and I think I was probably the last person in the guild (yes, including the men) to do so. Well, the Fletchers I don’t think have, but they’re not as perverted as the rest of us. Surprised the hell out of him.

It’s probably perverted of me to think up sexualized interpretations of the songs in my son’s Sesame Street videos, but when Queen Latifah is singing about helping another character “find their O” with lines like “just sit back, relax, and it’ll come on home / like a little lost doggie when he misses his bone,” can you really blame me?