Things that should be funnier than they are

So I was listening to “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” the other day, and realized that I was being SHORTCHANGED as Simon only listed 5 (I counted). That led me to speculate about the possibility of someone like Jonathan Coulton performing the “Unexpurgated 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” including the other 45.

So I looked around for prior art and lo and behold, The Other 45 Ways to Leave Your Lover. My prayers are answered!

But sadly, the other 45 ways mostly focus on either murder or the violent destruction of sexual organs, to the point that it gets monotonous (one Bobbit joke: funny! Three or four: still funny! 30+: not so funny).

So anyway. Other examples of ideas that turned out much less funny than they should have?

Dick For A Day

This is a great concept, asking several female authors to write stories based on the idea of having a penis for 24 hours, and should have lead to a very entertaining anthology. But…it wasn’t very amusing at all. A couple of the stories were really funny, but the rest were boring dreck.