Things you do / like that are (mildly) juvenile

Recently I started this thread and a few folks found it a bit offensive. That was never the intention, however it seems only fair to own up to the childish things we like as well. I’ll start:

I love stuffed animals. I don’t have them on my bed or in the back window of my car or anything but I have a stuffed Grumpy Cat on my shelf at work (given to me by my stepmother because she knows I love stuffed animals) and a javelina that my brother bought me in Sedona because we couldn’t manage to see any live ones. I will often pick up stuffed animals in a store and give them a hug. I know! Grow the hell up, WOOK!

My biggest thing, of course, is my “picky eating”. I have long since gotten over explaining / justifying it and am resigned to the fact that many people see it as childish.<shrug> what else can you do?

So, let’s have all the stone throwers from the other thread fess up to their own not entirely matures likes and wonts.

You know who else liked to do things that were juvenile?

I like to read YA fiction. I don’t see why I should have to miss out on a good book just because it was written after I got old.

How dare you compare me to the president!

-Picky eater
-When talking with my sisters about our mom or dad we call them mommy & daddy.
(When speaking TO them we say mom or dad)
-I enjoy coloring with crayons but only do it when the grandkids ask me to color with
-I read YA books on occasion.
-I read the comics in the newspaper - I don’t know anyone else that does except my
mom. I’m guessing kids these days don’t read them either!

  • I watch a lot of cartoons. Not anime, but stuff like Duck Tales, Star Wars Rebels and Adventure Time. And cartoons aimed at adults, as in the ones on Adult Swim.
  • I’m not a super picky eater but I’m a damn lazy eater. I eat mostly cereal and sandwiches and only really get a hot meal when I go eat at my mom’s house.
  • My house is decorated with toys and figurines and posters and sports stuff. My bathroom is legit decorated in a Super Mario motif.

Sand castles.

I say that my favorite flavor is green.

Comics/manga. Cartoons/anime. Well-made action figures/statues/vehicles from the aforementioned and from other media (not that I can really afford them, but I admire them from afar.)

Also, I like to have a little food under my ketchup, which I’ve heard disparaged.

I do tons of things that many people consider juvenile, but which I think have been either labeled that unfairly, or which I believe have value for adults despite being child-friendly or even child-targeted. As an example intended to portray my perception of the situation, children eat bread. This does not mean that there’s anything wrong with adults eating bread, and if a bunch of people (or even most people) declared that eating bread was juvenile, I would consider them wrong and do it anyway without worry or embarrassment.

Anyway, now that I’ve preemptively said that anyone who could possibly criticize me is clueless, here are some of my “juvenile” interests:

Cartoons, mostly ones make from the '70s and later. I don’t like all cartoons; I require them to have merit on their own from standpoints of art, writing, and characterization. I do adjust my expectations based on the era the show is from, though; the classic He-Man was a horrible show by modern standards but considering the budget, production constraints, and expectations of the era it was under it was remarkably good (though She-Ra was better, despite the pastels, due to the heros operating from a position of weakness rather than strength). And yes, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a remarkably good show, by a large number of metrics.

Transformers - the toys, that is. I like the engineering and the collectibility. Well, mostly the engineering. If it takes me ten minutes to manipulate its dozens of little parts to convert it from one mode to the other, with both modes looking exactly as they should and hiding the other, that is a good transformer. Though simpler ones are fun to fiddle with too, transforming them back and for just to give my hands something to do.

Legos - For these it’s mostly the collectibility and display value, though I do like the assembly process as well. (It’s like making plastic models, but you can enjoy the assembly process repeatedly.) I don’t free-build, and while I have made a small number of original models (designed using CAD programs), mostly I don’t have ideas that are both interesting enough to attempt that are also technically feasible.

Young adult fiction - When I read book I’m interested in characters and their motivations more than the plots and adventures. I like drama. So both books for adults and books for kids may or may not be interesting depending on what’s between the covers. If anything young adult books seem a little likelier to focus on characters than boring crap like politics and other people’s sex lives.

I read the comics in the paper every day. In fact it’s the first thing I go for. They are usually in the back of the sports section, so I’ll start in the back and work my way forward. I may or may not read the news section.

I don’t care what all those stuffy adults say, milk chocolate is the best kind of chocolate. Dark chocolate is just for adults who want to show off how cultured they are.

I do like some YA novels. And Converse All-Stars

I still call my parents “Mommy and Daddy”.
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Damn near everything.