Things You Shouldn't Need To Tell People

Related to this: If you’re not actually planning on crossing the road, stay the hell away from the crosswalk! I hate it when I’m driving, and see someone just milling about by a crosswalk, and I’ve got to figure out if they’re going to bolt out in front of me or not. Use your body language, people!

Related to this: If someone is obviously standing at a crosswalk, looking at the oncoming traffic to evaluate if they’ll have time to make it across before the traffic gets there, maybe make some indication that you see them there, like slowing down even a little bit, so they’ll know you’re not about to just flatten them if they start to cross. I actually had one guy pull into a parking lot and try to start a fight with me because I didn’t want to start crossing the road in front of him, so he had to actually come to a stop to let me cross. Of course, he was doing about 30 km/hr over the speed limit coming up to the crosswalk when I first saw him, made no effort to slow down at all, and there was no way I was going to step out in front of that, because there was no way I’d make it to the other side before he hit me, and I had no idea if he saw me at all. But somehow I was the jerk here?

Around here, if there’s a crosswalk and no traffic light, he’s legally required to stop in order to let pedestrians cross.

(It’s unwise to assume they’ll do so, however. I always wait till it’s clear that they’re stopping.)

Well that’s the thing - he was far enough away at first that, if he’d been doing the speed limit, even with my bad knee at the time, I could have crossed well before he got to the intersection. But because he was speeding, I knew that, if he didn’t see me, I’d likely only be halfway across by the time he got there, and I’d get flattened. If he’d made any attempt at all to show me he knew there were other people in the world around him, we both would have been better off and arrived at our destinations sooner.

But no, he just kept it floored until the moment he had to slam on the brakes to let me cross, which as you note, he’s legally required to do. But it would have never come to that point if he’d been even a smidgen less of a self centered jerk.

Well, I need it explained. I’ve never lived anywhere that people regularly left porch lights on all night, and I can’t understand why you would want them to do so. (So, this is something you do need to tell people.)

Although, you don’t need to light up your backyard like a baseball stadium. Sometimes your neighbors would like to be use their backyards at night without being blinded.

If you see my car, all on its lonesome, at the far side of a car park, please don’t park next to it and especially not so close that I can’t get into the driver’s door.

When you go to the bar in a pub, please have all the orders for your group ready and don’t leave asking them until you have the barperson’s attention.

The sign on my front door that says “We do not buy from door-to-door sales people” means that we do not buy stuff from strangers who knock on the off chance.

We visited a friend last weekend. They have motion lights that flood their entire property. I’m an asshole, so when the lights go on as we walk to our car, I always yell, “JAILBREAK”.

I’ll bet their neighbors hate me.

People not using the center turn lane that is specifically designed to let you make a left hand turn without impeding traffic. So many stop to make people make a left turn from the left lane of traffic or even better straddling the left lane and the center turn lane. Use the center turn lane, get out of my lane.

Thanks for this. It seems reasonable to me, too.

I’ve always left my porch light on at night and (though I have no cites) I’ve heard in police home-security things that it’s a good idea.

And no, it’s not going to disrupt someone’s sleep cycle… (not aimed at you Thudlow)

And back to the topic:

Yes, you do smell like an ashtray.

My first reply apparently came across as a “0 to 60” hot button reaction. I apologize if I came across as overly terse or sensitive. I’m just genuinely confused by your post.

It may not be unreasonable for you to leave your porch lights on all night, if you want to. I personally do think it’s unreasonable for you to expect me to leave my porch lights on all night, and even more so that you think this is all something you shouldn’t need to tell people.

I personally agree with @thorny_locust: it’s a waste of energy, it creates light pollution, and not everyone wants a brightly lit exterior at night. Again, it has never even occurred to me to leave my porch lights on all night. And again, I’m not criticizing you for leaving your porch lights on, I’m just genuinely confused as to why you think it’s so obvious that everyone else should leave their porch lights on all night.

I would put a porch light on if I’m expecting guests or a food delivery, just to make it easier for people to find my house. I would not leave it on if I’m not expecting anybody, there’s just no reason for it.

We have on street parking, and occasional vandalism of cars on the street.

I leave my front porch light on all night.

And that’s fine for you. Do you agree with ThelmaLou that it’s a thing that you shouldn’t need to tell people that they should leave their porch lights on all night?

It’s going to disrupt my sleep cycle. My front porch light is right next to my bedroom window. Even with the blinds drawn, having my front porch light on makes my bedroom significantly brighter, and there’s already more light pollution in my neighborhood than I’m personally comfortable with.

Or a big bus can sorta suck you in.

Put down your phone and walk. Or ride.

Out here the Sheriffs have requested it.

But if you do have security lights, make sure they are not shining into traffic or people’s eyes.


One more thing:

If the inside lights are on (as can be seen through the windows), it makes it look like people live there.

If the porch light is on but no lights are on inside the house, it makes it look like no one’s home, and the porch light was left on so the residents could see to open the front door when they get home.

Lights on at night disrupt mine.

Also, the left turn lane is for people making a left turn off of the street. It’s not a lane for you to pull out into and wait for traffic to clear. If you can’t make a complete left turn into traffic, then don’t pull out.

That makes no sense to me. Threads that old are from another lifetime. They shouldn’t generate anything. The limit for that should be 5 years tops. I mean, who would even know that you were creating a thread very similar or identical to a thread that is 20 years or 10 years old?

At any rate, one thing I firmly believe you shouldn’t have to tell people who are visiting you is when to stand up and go home.