Think Fast! The CEO is ringing your desk phone!

Ring, Ring!

You look at the display on your phone and it shows the name of your CEO or company president. You have four rings before it goes to voicemail. Do you answer it?

Of course. Why wouldn’t I?

Of course. I let it ring twice before answering, though.

And 4 rings to voicemail is too short: make it 6 or 8.

Of course. She’s probably calling to see if I have any student speakers for this year’s Optimist contest.

Of course. Why wouldn’t I?

Yes, of course.

Well in my case it would be the Permanent Secretary, and seeing as we’re on first name terms the conversation would probably go like this:

“Hi David, this is a pleasant surprise. How can I help you?”

And I’d mean it (the surprised bit) as he would have entirely bypassed four levels of hierarchy in calling me.

Yes. Pete will hunt me down anyway.

I would answer in the same way I answer every other call.

“Hello, Tupug. This is Pete. Please sit very still now. This will only… take… a… second…” :wink:

Why am I calling myself?

You need to ask yourself to grab a gallon of milk on the way home from work.

Yep, I’d answer.

“Did you dial the right extension?”

Yes, because if I don’t answer she’ll call every other extension downstairs until someone picks up. Then she will wonder why they can’t answer the question that she wanted to ask me.

Definitely. If I don’t he’ll just page me: “**Gfactor ** 111!” (“111” is really his extension.) And it’s not like I’m afraid of him.

Of course how else do you expect me to get promoted to vice president of doing nothing. But seriously I’d treat it like any other work call turn off music first then wait two rings.

Although it will almost always mean that I have to drop whatever I’m doing and run out to take care of Project X (I’ve been called by the CEO’s right-hander multiple times at work before), I would still definitely answer it.

E-mail? Just enough time to compose something well thought out that covers the bases that need covering, but it wouldn’t be the same sense of urgency (unless the e-mail said to call ASAP).

Sure…between all the buyouts, mergers and other assorted nonsense, I haven’t known who our CEO is for the past two years. Hard to avoid someone’s call if you don’t know who you’re avoiding.

However, if you trace things up the chain high enough, you’ll eventally get to Rupert Murdoch, and yeah, I’d answer.

Oh, hell no.

She can leave me a voice mail just like everyone else! :smiley: