This commerical where the girl goes from very frumpy to gorgeous is the same woman?

Same woman right? Just checking. Just checking

Looks like it to me. Hair and makeup can do wonders.

I hate positive advertising of Alcohol. Alcohol should have the same status as tobacco.

And [half-removed] clothes.

I have this sudden urge to drink Tuborg beer.

Why, Good heavens Miss Jones! You’re beautiful!

I couldn’t resist.

Unquestionably the same woman. You can tell by the eyes.

Not only the same woman, but I’d say the glasses and pulled back hair make her more attractive.

Alcohol! It’ll make you have sex with ugly women!

But your average viewer won’t see it like that. Your average viewer will think “Alcohol will make beautiful women come on to me” even if they think it on a subconscious level.

“Whiskey will make you a suave old gent with money”


This could be an anti-drinking commercial.

Vox Imperatoris

So, you’re saying beer will make me have sex? Woohoo!

(Selective reading is a wonderful thing.)

You misspelled “Sakamoto.”

I think the girl was pretty hot to begin with. I like geek chicks!

Whaaat? But she has GLASSES! And a PONYTAIL! And why am I referencing a teen movie parody?

Is it me or was it making the guy sexier as well?

That would have made it funnier, but no, the guy was not better looking/more made-up/less dressed by the end of it.

Because it’s one of the best got damn movies ever made, that’s why!

I know, I need help.

Old, old joke:

“I’ve never gone to bed with an ugly woman, but I’ve woke up with a few.”

Frumpy? What the hell?