This doesn't happen in real life

If’n any of you care to know, this was already posted on my Blog.

Anyway, I had to wonder how often things like this can really happen… when people say just what it is that you had been hoping they would say, without any “setup” whatsoever.

Here’s what happened. I had been thinking, it would be nice if I could say something nice/flirtatious to Dream Girl[sup]TM[/sup], to sort of put the idea out there without needing to get my toes stepped on. 'It would be nice," I thought, “if she would say something about how her new car is so cute, so I can say what a good match it is for her :p.”

After school, I went out front of the building after putting on my track clothes to look for someone to talk to. Aha! There’s Dream Girl[sup]TM[/sup]! I go over, start a conversation.

Me: Hi.
Her: Hi.
bit o’ small talk
Her: Look, I had to park all the way out there!
Me: That sucks.
Her: It’s a cute car.
Me: (To myself: HOLY SHIT! Quick, quick, say something you fool!) Out loud: It’s a good match. (To myself: YES!!!)

At this point, she said that she had heard I had made fun of her car, and that I was surprised it hadn’t fallen apart already (it’s '97 Dodge neon). This was completely untrue! I insisted to her that all I had said was that it had the wimpiest transmission in the world, and I had been misquoted. We had a good laugh; her car is a bit of an ongoing joke. It really is in good shape, though.

We talked a while longer, than she had to go. It was a good day.
;). But man… that was surreal! Kind of cool, but she didn’t comment on my little remark. Then again, she didn’t slap me or look put off, either. Yep, that was my day.


very very cool. lucky you were prepared!