this entire board is ridiculous

First of all, Ive never seen another forum online that you have to pay for…but i figured the information I could get was worth the money. So I embarked on the biggest waste of $15 ever.
In any other forum I can ask whatever I want. Here, admins close my posts because they are “somewhat similar” or more recently because “I talk too much about my girlfriend”
How is this at all fair? Why should I get punished because the issues I want to talk about are related to me and my girlfriend?
Im really sick of these admins. I understand there has to be rules, but these arent rules. If people are interested and helping me in a thread an admin shouldnt close it because he’s got something up his butt at the moment. I hope the staff of this website gets changed.
And not that it matters, but I deter anyone who is interested from subscribing to this site. Great job.
In the future, please let my threads go. The information I get is very important to me.

Samclem has been mostly an issue.


It’s because you’re a troll.

Well then, why are you hanging around if the whole board is ridiculous? I will never be able to fathom this. Someone gripes about how stupid or lame or ridiculous the board is, and yet they not only paid the subscription fee, they stay here and tell everyone how stupid/lame/ridiculous it is. I don’t get it.

Also, there are lots of pay boards out there, many of whom make this one look like an even bigger bargain that it is. If you want a board where everyone will be nicey-nice, tell you exactly what you want to hear, and never take issue with any of your posts, start your own board.

You insult the entire board, claim it’s all a waste of money, then appeal for tolerance.

Interesting tactic.

A person hears that some of the best French food in the world is available in their own city. They think that is great and decide to make a reservation at one of the best rated ones. It turns out that it is almost impossible to understand anything on the menu and the mayonnaise is horrible and nothing like Hellmans. Being the adventurous sort he decides to try the same French restaurant the next week and is appalled to find that their “compelling wine list” doesnt even have Mad Dog 20/20 anywhere on it and the waiter is snooty about that fact when confronted by it. Our hero is compelled to tell the whole world about the charade and is forced to go to the local white trash diner down the street to satisfy his immediate needs. Feeling snuggled in back at home, our hero laughs at the people that don’t know where the real action is.

Im hanging around because I paid money for this (which for some doesnt grow on trees, especially for students) and I dont want other people to have to go through this.
And obviously im not the only one who feels this way about the board, could the admins take a hint?

And aside from all that, the people in the threads I start dont mind, and want to help…which last time I checked is the point of a forum

How am I the bad guy? And how am I a troll?? Im just a kid trying to get answers…I guess thats not the point of this site…and if it isnt, you shouldnt lie and harass people for using it as such.

In case you hadn’t noticed, I didn’t call you a troll, and in fact I posted what I hoped was useful advice in one of your threads. My point stands, though. Griping doesn’t change things around here, in case you hadn’t noticed that either.

I dont care if people take issue, just dont shut my legitimate threads down.

Buh bye.

The door there, on your way out?

Yeah, you know.

If you absolutely despise it here, think it’s a waste of your time, and money, think people here are overly judgmental and all that, why oh why would you bother to post HERE, in the midst of all this judging, to tell us - we who wasted your money?

I’ve got to go now, it’s time to stand on my front porch and decry my neighbors as the trash they are.

Maybe the thread could have been moved to IMHO instead of spanking the OP, as there have been a number of threads with similar questions allowed to grow and thrive.

For example:
*New Girlfriend question
How quickly can a person gain weight?
Lady Dopers: recommend a good moisturizer. *

unbrok3npp. I had already typed out a quick answer to your thread before it was closed. I’ll post it here, and I also agree that there was no legit reason to close your thread. I remember being young and not having all the answers, and also remember having many questions that I did not feel comfortable posing to my family. Maybe some of your detractors were born old, wise, and wearing a condom.

For the original GQ question:
If you feel that stress is the reason that she has lost weight, then maybe you could help to remedy the stress instead of focusing on the symptoms. Out of respect for your privacy, I won’t ask if there are other outside factors leading to your girlfriend’s stress, but we all already know that you both have a new physical relationship.

I am sure the pregnancy scare caused some serious anxiety, but are you certain that your new sexual relationship isn’t adding to her stress level? Yeah, sex is fun, but if one of you is having some private conflict with the new activity it could lead to stress. Only one way to find out: ask her directly.

Aside from that, **Acid Lamp ** is correct, eating fast food is bad advice. Here is a list of high calorie, low fat foods that she might eat: lean beef, chicken, fish, or tofu. Granola and trail mix, potatoes, nuts and peanut butter, avocados, and whole wheat breads and crackers are good. And a little fat on a girl is a good thing, so go get a pizza now and then.

I’m not sure why, but I think that’s a very funny sentence.
I can’t decide to read that as if you were going to say “asshole,” but sneezed and hit the wrong keys (it happens to me, a lot.)

Or, maybe you really do mean he’s an issue.

But an issue of what? of what?

GQ? Vanity fair? Vogue? Sports Illustrated? Bad Mod Quarterly?

He’s right, though. The board is ridiculous. But then, so is the human condition.

Maybe he meant tissue.

I’ve often felt Sanclem to be a tissue. One of those nice, Aloe/Vitamin E ones that comes in the square box with the nice flowers on it.

Though sometimes, I notice others feel he is a fissure. Which also has the same letters.

Try SA. You’ll either be an All-Star or banned within 24 hours. As a bonus, the ten bucks is a lifetime membership, no renewals. Give it a whirl. You might like it there.

I don’t like those. They don’t really absorb snot very well. Maybe that’s why we’ve conflicted.

Thanks for the insight.

Try Pert. It has the condition *right in it * already!

I vote troll.

I think you’re more likely to be praised for this behavior than anything else. The Reader may feel differently of course.

No, you’re not a troll. You are, however, a fuckwit.