This guy is too stupid to live, yet gets to vote (Idiot letter to Editor)

I’m not nearly as frightened by Ms Palin as I am of people like this:

She’s qualified because she’s a citizen and and over 35?

Buh…What? That’s all?
Are you INSANE?

Gaaaarrrrrgggg :: head explodes ::

Well heck, I’m over 35, a citizen and even somewhat warm. Iza runnin!!! Get Stoned! Vote Second Stone for VP!!! Write me in!!
The fact that I’m a bona fide idiot is even better, as I’d be keeping up tradition in the office seeing as I’m just as dumb as the current occupant. Well, maybe not that dumb.

I’m reassured that if McCain does get elected, his corpse can continue to be president and the role doesn’t have to be passed to Palin.

Yep, those are the requirements she’s met. McCain meets them, too.

The requirements to be chosen as the VP candidate, however, are different.

As near as I can tell, the requirements she met are:

(a) republican
(b) female
© christian
(d) at least some political experience
(e) shorter than McCain

The letter-writer is a stupid literalist, who thinks that words like “qualified” can only possibly have one meaning. Unfortunately, many people think that way about English words and phrases. But, of course, here “qualified” can mean:
(1) satisfying the minimum requirements in the Constitution, or
(2) having the personal qualities and experience necessary to be successful in the job.

Of course, there’s no doubt that Governor Palin is qualified in the first sense, even if some people doubt the qualifications of Senators McCain and Obama. But if that were all, then presidential electons in the US would become a random choice among about a hundred million “qualified” citizens.

That last one was the hardest to fill. No wonder they ended up with her!

I’m not entirely sure that that’s a worse system.

I’m not terribly surprised to see where this letter came from. I’ve talked to several men in my area now who’ve told me they’re planning on voting for Palin (oh, and by extension McCain, they suppose) because they want to have sex with her. :rolleyes:

Thankfully, this doesn’t appear to be that widespread, if Obama’s lead over McCain in Wisconsin is any indication.

For five years, McCain couldn’t grow any taller!

Voting for a candidate in the hopes that one might someday be able to have sex with that candidate?

Well, it worked for Monica Lewinksky.

Gah! Basic vocabulary!!

“Qualified” and “Eligible” are not synonyms.

One can certainly be eligible and not qualified.
Or qualified, and not eligible.

Sarah Palin is unequivocally eligible to be president or vice president of the United States.

Whether she is qualified or not remains open to debate.

Back in the late Clinton era, I remember quite a few people musing that Madeleine Albright was probably qualified to run for the presidency or vice presidency but it was a shame that she was most definitely not eligible. (She is Czech by birth.)

By that logic, shouldn’t they vote against her? Seems like their odds would be better with the Governor of Alaska than the Vice President of the United States.

I think the Veep probably has more down time.


I wouldn’t fuck Sarah Palin with Napoleon’s penis.

Indeed not: Josephine would be jealous, and why give a long-dead emperor all the fun?

And for most people DC is a shorter trip than Alaska. If you are going to have a VP with benefits you want it to be convenient. There are olny so many “moose hunting” trips you can take on weekends before it starts getting suspicious. :wink:

This reminds me of a story I read sometime in the 70s about a (then) future America where literally any citizen was eligible to be president. Anyone wishing the job had to take a series of tests to establish their knowledge and qualifications to be President, with the results of the tests being analyzed by a computer which was programmed to select the best qualified candidate. The plot of the story concerned itself with a situation where it was discovered that the computer was programmed to select not the best-qualified candidate, but the best, qualified candidate…the problem being that no one was qualified to be President because the job had gotten too complex.

I did a little on-line searching and not only identified the story, but found a readable copy online. 2066: Election Day by Michael Shaara.

Either that, or lots of men in Wisconsin want to have sex with Obama. :smiley:

I guess if you could find a female VP/Presidential candidate who was hot and who people wanted to have a beer with, you’d have, like, voter kryptonite. She’d get 100% of the vote.