This image is crashing my browser

The circuit schematic. I can see it in IE11, But Edge is telling me: “This page is having a problem. Try coming back to it later.”

I think it’s the image, not an ad, because I can see the ad break before it crashes, and it crashes every time, which I would think would not happen if I was being served random advertisements.

It is insanely oversized–13,200x10,200. 134 megapixels.

Which image are you referring to? The screenshots/photos I posted in the OP (one was a schematic) or the optoisolator circuit diagram posted by beowulf?

My photos were png format, a couple of megs each. That diagram from beowulf appears to be a jpg, also a few megs.

The circuit diagram, 4ab79e07-a931-4939-bfff-398e61d0c86c.jpg. It is compressed to 3.28 MB, but it is a 134 MP file.

Indeed. But it’s not taking up that much memory when I load it in Chrome. The whole page renders in less than 100MB. This makes sense to me: it’s loading the image at a rather low zoom level, meaning a good renderer can take advantage of the block aspects of the JPEG format to not load the whole thing.

Since I’m having no problem on Chrome, I have a question for the OP: are you using the new Edge? Its icon looks like this:

If so, I’d look for the Feedback option (In Chrome, it’s Help > Report an Issue) to report a bug. If you’re still using old Edge somehow, then the only real solution is to upgrade.

Don’t really know what image is crashing the page, because the page crashes. Could be anything. And…

I’m on new Edge, 92.0.886.0, but …

There’s now a new release waiting to load, so no point thinking any more about it until I’m able to load the new release. Unless somebody else reports a problem.

So now I’m on 92.0.895, and I can see the whole thread without crashing the browser page — including a large blank spot in post #7 where IE is showing an image.

The links in the OP are just showing as links.

Sounds like it was just a bug, then, and they’ve worked around it for now by preventing the crash, but haven’t fixed the rendering. (And, yes, the image in post #7 is the really large one that we’ve been talking about. The rest were just links, but that one was displayed.)

That said, how much RAM do you have on your computer? And what is your usual Internet connection speed (likely given in Mbps)?

Win7-64, 8GB, 100MB cable connection.

So not a lack of memory or a slow download causing problems. I’m just going to blame it on a bug in Edge.

Sorry about that.
I originally printed it as a PDF, but the free version of CloudApp doesn’t support that, so I made a JPG from it. It was only 3.4M on my disk, so I didn’t think much of it, but the pixel dimensions are insane. (BTW - the PDF was 34K).

Yeah, I figured the original was a vector file. EXIF says that it was “printed” at 1,200 DPI.

As an additional bit of advice: Given that some people are slower connections, and Discourse actually displays the full sized image rather than a reduced version, I would recommend shooting for at most under 1MB for images here. Heck, I’ll personally shoot for around half that or less.

FWIW, it displayed without problems in Firefox and Chrome on my phone with 3 GB.

So I went back (much later) to have a look at the schematic, which I can see now – now that MS has somehow updated me to a lower-number version: from 92 to Edge 91.0.864.70 (Official build) (64-bit)

That’s weird. That’s the current version of Edge. According to the stable release schedule, you should have been on version 90 back in May.

The only way you could have been on version 92 is if you were on the Dev (developer) channel build, which came out in April. But then I don’t know how you got switched back.

Did you, by chance, download Edge back when only the developer version was available for Windows 7?

Yes. But in addition to that, MS does selective/partial/slow rollouts anyway, rather than in-house testing.

They do, but not usually that far ahead.

Ah. I suspect what happened is that they “upgraded” you to the stable channel. I wish I would have noticed you were on the Dev channel back then, as I might have just told you to try the stable or beta versions.

Hopefully they’ve fixed the bug when you get upgraded to version 92 in a few weeks.

My Win7-32 PC is on Version 93.0.953.0 (Official build) canary (32-bit), That still can’t see the picture so … the future is still uncertain.

It occurred to me that I have a couple VMs, so I could install Edge Beta on one and check. The image loads fine, at least, on the 64-bit version of Edge 92 in Windows 10.

Which is good news, as it’s scheduled to go stable in a week at most, not weeks as I said.