This is a weird week for me.

Last night I went to the first weekly meeting of a 3-month medically supervised weight loss program. Today is my first day on “the product.” This is hopefully the start of a non-obese, much healthier Misnomer. In addition to the weekly meetings I’ve also started therapy, to help make sure that the changes I make “stick.”

On top of the psychological adjustment, everyone says it will take my body about a week to adapt to the new diet. So over the next few days I have hunger, fatigue, headaches, and general crankiness to look forward to.

Today is my birthday. I’m 45. It’s my first birthday without my mom, who died in November. My usual child-like “it’s my birthday!!!” glee is definitely tempered this year.

On Saturday I will be going to the memorial service for a close friend who committed suicide last month. The grieving process is complicated by the fact that he took his own life: I struggle with both his sudden absence and the stark awareness of how much pain he must have been in. His service won’t be easy.

Helluva week.

Thanks for listening.

You can do this. Hang in there.

And most sincerely, Happy Birthday! I hope this year is a good one for you. Perhaps you could do something to celebrate both yourself and your memory of your Mom.

You are one of my posters that I think of as a kindred spirit, so I wish you well daily, but add some birthday wishes to that. Does “the product” come in any cakey flavors? It’s kind of exciting to think that by Christmas you’ll be feeling and looking like a new person.

About your mom, and your friend: I am humbled by the enormity of the pain you must be experiencing, and I’m sorry you have to go through it. I hope soon you will be able to focus on the memory of happier times.

Read some good books, and take good care of yourself. ((Misnomer))

Be sure to share your feelings about all of these events with your therapist. I can’t tell you how many people have shared some crisis in their life with me, and then said that they didn’t share it with their therapist because they thought the therapy was only focused on one particular goal, such as weight loss. The whole point of adding therapy to your weight loss plan is to find effective ways to deal with all of the stress and pain points in your life. If you only discuss your meal plan and how you feel about it, it’s not going to be effective.

You might be aware of all this, but I’ve known so many people who weren’t that I thought it was worth making the point. It sounds like you are definitely on the right track. Happy Birthday!

Thanks so much, you guys! :heart:

No…but LOL! We get a week’s worth of product at a time: this week’s flavors are mocha beverage (ok), chocolate beverage (good), peppermint cocoa crunch bar (very good), and tomato basil soup (blech). Next week I’ll be trying lemon pudding and strawberry beverage. I had to change my order, because I’d requested more tomato basil soup before I tried it (it’s going to be a struggle to finish the soup packets I have, but they warn you not to skip “meals”).

I appreciate this! And yep – I’m aware that there are probably many factors involved in whatever’s been going on with me and food/exercise. :slight_smile: In fact, during my first session I told the guy about my mom and my friend, and said something like, “I’m not here to fix everything, but I know that my primary goal might involve these other things.” Likewise, at the end of the session he explained that he asked about my family and my background because all of that plays a role in who I am today. Makes total sense to me.

Happy Belated, Misnomer. I wish you all the best for your journey.