This is a weird, weird, weird, weird Kickstarter campaign

OK, adjust your thinking belts as this one is going to hurt your brain. It’s the Dominoker Game. What should be just another innocuous game, turns into this mathematical insanity sidled up to a pyramid scheme. Don’t take my word for it, check out the well-produced video.

…What the hell was that about?

Seriously, it looks like a Kickstarter for a weird dominoes/poker blend, goes into some weird math/physics bullshit for no apparent reason, then back to complex rules explanations (that I don’t know if they’d even make sense to a dominoes player), then into descriptions of all the stuff you have to have to play (including a hardcover rules manual) and finally dreams of online play and winning Big Prizes. I just… wow.

I refuse to believe that those photos came from the same source as that video, and I likewise refuse to believe that either of those came from the same source as that tag-phrase:

All… idiosyncracies of language are directly from the original.

I just noticed at the highest “pledge” level (I’m thinking that should be changed to “buy-in” for this particular effort), one gets the honor of a personal visit with the creator to “Learn from him how to live in balance ,connected and happy…”

That’s just… odd.

So, someone made a Time Cube board game?

A new era?

A.D. will mean “anno Dominoker”?

That cannot possibly be real, can it? I mean, WTF?

Of the many, many aspects of that presentation that confuse me, almost every dominoker game they show being played is using dominos with what looks to be like regular black pips (although some go to 9 instead of 6). I thought part of the domino-poker blend was using the various suits of the card deck in a game. But in all the shown examples, I don’t see any evidence of any type of poker influence in the game. It just looks like a straight-up dominos variant.

Now, why am I analyzing this so closely?

I sense a strong dose of Gary Busey has been put into that video.

Sadly, nothing as creative as that. Looks like someone took to playing cuban dominoes too many times, invented a rotating table after no one wanted to play dominoes with him any more and had some earth-shattering “insight” which he HAD to share with the world.

Near the 1:00 mark: “After accumulating 12,619 matches online…”

Near the 3:30 mark: “IQ Dominoes Corp is currently developing a software to make this fun and innovative game available over the internet”

One of many odd discrepancies in this video.

Sweet logo though.

The law of mathematical-physics?

It seemed interesting at first, but then it devolved into a bunch of random words, I swear it’s like they were just making a big joke.

How do I get the Ferrari?

A gambling game made by L. Ron Hubbard?

I’m extremely impressed by the ability of the narrator to go through that entire schpiel while sounding completely authentic. If I ever get rich, I plan to hire him to read all of my spam out loud.