This is mrald's husband

Ya’ll think we should send something to the funeral? Flowers maybe?

umm… hate to be a party-pooper here, but this is kind of frowned upon… the mods kind of like for there to be one poster per ID, and one ID per poster…

At least I didn’t tell you guys she is sleeping naked 'cept for her favorite zebra print underwear.
I do love my wife, but I am really enjoying this

Okay, before I cause any trouble I’ll be going.

Nice talking to you folks, have a great day to all.

Man, you’re TOAST! Best to get your own ID and ask the Mod.'s to close this puppy while your still breathing.

Be sure to tell us your name first though.

A wreath probably wouldn’t be too expensive.

Perhaps The Late Mr. mrald would work.

Easy, killer. You’re gonna be in truh-bul when Ms. mrald comes ‘round.
As Ponder Stibbons pointed out, this went far worse for poor ol’ Hal…

So far, anyway…

…Hal’s cow-orker just speculated that Hal likes sheep. Mr Mrald knows his wife’s foibles and may just be biding his time… :slight_smile:

Oh BTW - Mrald is now subscribed to this thread, so she definitely will know about it. You’re so hosed :eek: :smiley:

Though seriously, bringing IRL stuff to the board, when it involves 2 Dopers, is frowned upon, didn’t it get someone banned recently?

When your wife wakes up, please talk with her about getting you your own account. The first 30 days are free, giving you enough time to decide if the SDMB is a good fit for you; after that 30 day trial, we ask that you pay a nominal yearly fee to continue posting.

What we don’t want you to do, please, is post under your wife’s account. We have a model of one person per account on the SDMB. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a staff member.