This is mrald's husband

My lovely wife is fast asleep, but happened to leave the this place open to anyone who wanted to see…

Now at last I get to see what she is reading 23 hours of the day, I was almost getting jealous really. She finds you guys more interesting than me most days.

Do your spouses have the same feelings or are they here too. Am I the only one left in the dark?

Sorry if this is bad manners, but I just had to know what was here.

I am now drawn in, and will be reading for awhile.

I hope she doesn’t get angry, it was curiosity of the morbid type.

Carry on, good day to all.

You can create your own username, you know. Just sign up as a guest for free! Fun times ahead!

Hi. I don’t have a spouse myself, but I know that there are other couples who both hang out on this board, so you should be welcome to join in the fun. :slight_smile:

My husband has wondered where I am on a couple of occasions when I get particularly jacked up on a thread and can’t walk away. I’m usually on when he’s at work for the most part, so I’m able to walk away and hand out with him.

Yes, it is much less confusing to create your own user name. Welcome, I hope you find this place informative and useful.

I forgot to add: She’s new. The thrill will subside a bit once she’s got a few thousand posts under her belt. :slight_smile:


Yeah, eventually she’ll stop spending lots of time here. I’m expecting to hit that point any minute now.

Hmm maybe, I hope. I had thought for sure she had posted a million things. There really isn’t much to do in our little town, and she is always looking to the computer for a little bit of the outside world, I do too, but I dabble in gaming. I get to meet people and pretend blow things up too!

She is right about one thing, there really is a diverse group of people here, not something you can get where we live!

Cute one, twicks! When, around post 100,000?

I do hope it’s not 23 hours a day for real, mrald’s husband. You need a better username and she needs to eat :smiley:

My wife is a member, and she still considers herself to be a Dope-Widow sometimes.

“You spend more time on the Dope than you do on me!”

Ummm…that didn’t come out right.

Sign up under your own username, but don’t tell your spouse. Then, posting from another computer, crash into her threads with all kinds of inexplicably… knowledgeable… replies. :smiley:

Now that is just plain evil. I love it. Be sure to let us in on the new name first so we can play along. :smiley:

Gonna be kind of hard to do now, won’t it? :slight_smile:

That is a fantastic idea, but she would know nd beat me :smiley:
Or she would freak out, she is a conspiracy theorist to the core. It would take me years to convince her she didn’t have a stalker with esp.

Maybe I could just post messages saying Mrald should cook for her poor starving husband!

Yeah I can see advantages here.

My husband definitely feels like a Doper Widower at times. He’s visited, but doesn’t “get it” like I do. ('Though for some strange reason, he likes the Talkbalks at Ain’t It Cool News, which is like our Pit, only dumber and angrier.)

Do consider getting your own user account. The Powers That Be to, in fact, frown on anyone using someone else’s account, just because it gets all confusing in the long term.

Just watch out. There are many Dope addicts around here.

Dude, when she wakes up there will be emails telling her about these posts to her thread.
You’re screwed, man.

She just said fire engine parade in her sleep. Tee hee
Don’t tell her I said that!
I think I get why she hangs here

Uh, yeah I was thinking that all she has to do is read her list of posts.

My wife refers to everyone here as “your people”, as in “did your people have anything to say about last night’s Soprano’s?”

This’ll teach her to leave her browser logged in. At least she’s faring better than Hal Briston did.