This is my last day posting here...

…for a week or so anyway. :smiley:

I’m going on the road with my father the truck driver. Wagons east, off to Virginia then New Jersey. It should be fun. Anyway, there it is. Now no one has to worry about my absence here or in chat. :rolleyes: :slight_smile:

Im sure well miss you coughnotcough :wink:

hijack: why have all the other threads apart from MPSIMS been ‘closed for maintainance’ all of a sudden?

You dog!! I freaked out for a brief moment there.
sniff I’ll miss you! :smiley:

Silver Fire???..Silver Fire???, I’ve never run across any one here or in chat by that name. :wink:

Whoops. Sorry. :slight_smile: Come into chat tonight and I’ll play a few rounds of trivia with you.

Maybe if I had gotten to know who in the Hell you are, I might give a damn (of course, you probably say the same about me.) But I don’t, so I don’t.

Have a nice trip.

You know, when I saw the title to this thread and your name, I had four simultaneous heart attacks.

Thanks a lot.

Drama queen.

Then you’ll want to steer clear of Extreme Northern Virginia, as that’s where I live. sniff sniff, sob sob

Whew! That was a relief. :slight_smile:

Well, you have a great time with your father. Hope you get to see all kinds of cool stuff.

Oh, man, I thought iamphuna scared you off with his, um, flirting.

Have a good time, and don’t breathe the air along the Jersey Turnpike - it’s toxic :slight_smile:

My first reaction is of course, “Who the hell are you?” followed quickly by “Obvious ploy! This chick (who I do NOT recognize) always complains about people’s “I’m LEAVING!!!” threads in chat, so she (again, a person I have never interacted with) has GOT to be making a joke.” Followed soon by “Yeah, I was right. Little snot!”

Who are you, again?


Thank you for scaring me Silver :slight_smile:
Have a good trip with your dad.

Trivia? What’s that? :smiley:

PS. Be there around 9:30 your time. :wink:

It’s ok Silver Fire, I know who you are. I see your signature alot and know who you are w/out even looking at your username. Wierd.

See you then! :slight_smile:

Oh, like I’m not emotionally damaged enough already! You just had to go and scare me like that didn’t you? Tsk tsk.


I love a good road trip, and my lifelong fantasy is to be a truck driver (get paid to drive? Sign me up!).

Have a great trip with your father, and enjoy our lovely country!

We’ll miss you here.

ACK, let me rephrase that! If you meet up with Roommate, he’s driving cross-country up in that area, too. [Windy Hill Nurseries, BTW. I tease him about being a long-distance FTD driver. He hates that. :slight_smile: ]

He’s always wanted me to ride across the US & Canada with him, but sigh I have obligations here at home - job, cat, job.

You lucky so&so.

Oh, hang on.

::puts on her _::

Silver_Fire. See? :slight_smile: