THIS is news?

Well spank me till I purr like a kitty…Julie Roberts thinks that Brad Pitt is “easy on the eyes”…

I guess the Nicole-Tom breakup hasn’t occupied enough ink lately…so we have to go with the really outrageous revelations…

Up next…Jennifer Lopez has a nice caboose…

Tom Green is “wacky”…

Puffy has an “image” problem…

Flippin’ morons

Brittney Spears likes to show off her “camel toe”…

Some people call “NSYNC” “In Stink!”

Heavy metal concerts make your ears ring!

…film at 11


Now lets not get all rash here people!

[sup]Umm. Zette? Uhhh, got a link?[/sup]

Google is your friend…I’ll let you visit the links…they seem kinda porn-ish to me…

LOL Zette, your post reminded me of my commando thread!

Eminem’s lyrics are “controversial”

Chris Rock is black.

Ellen Degeneres is a Lesbian

George W. Bush is a Republican

J.Lo is a railfan?



Spoof ?? I’ve shot a job with J-Lo. I’ve walked down hallways with J-Lo. I’ve witnessed sparkling witty effortlessly amusing banter with J-Lo.

Spoof, you’re no J-Lo :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Tupac is dead.
BIG is dead.
Kurt Cobain is dead.

Here is the infamous camel toe picture, for those interested.

[Annoying link deleted - Alpha]

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Badtz, it doesn’t work for me!!! I got a not found. What’s up?

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After seeing beagledave’s link and finding it funny, I thought “I’ll bet that Badtz Maru’s link will be funny too. Surely he wouldn’t post a porn link.” WTF?!? About 10 seconds after I clicked on the link, I got a not found, then about 15 windows with porn opened. I thought this kind of link was specifically against the rules.

Moderators, disable the link in Badtz Maru’s post.

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Damn, we’re good.

I agree!

Here’s a more benign link to the infamous “camel toe”:

Mods, feel free to delete the link if you think it’s inappropriate.