This is probably pretty obvious to everyone

But Molly Ringwald is freaking hot! Geez. Boner city.

–Tim, who’s watched Breakfast Club and 16 Candles in the last two days.

OK, but her “comeback series” sucked. I can’t even remember the title, it was so innane.

But I do remember the advertisements for her failed series, especially one which had her in a french maid’s outfit complete with fishnet stockings, heels, a short little skirt, bustier, with those pretty, pouty little bee-stung lips speaking French in an adorable accent.

Hope it’s not hard to sleep tonight Homer.

No, Anth, my dear, UseNet is always here for me, even if no one else ever is. :smiley:



Hmm. I thought this would be the thread where you confessed your long time drug use… :smiley:

Oh, yeah, “Townies.” It looked like a series with no future, so I didn’t bother with it.