This is ridiculous - or - Anyone need a phonebook?

I mentioned here that I received a phone book for a city a couple hundred miles away from me. I called twice to see about getting a correct one, and was told by Customer Disservice Rep #1 that “I can’t send you the correct one since you are not a Bell South Customer” (even though the deliivery tag said <screech-owl> or CURRENT OCCUPANT*), and CDR #2 said that "we were out of the Orlando mini-book, so we substituted another city (fine, but the same state would have been better). Note, I’m with Sprint. There are two and a half major phone companies in the area - Bell South serves the Orlando area, Sprint serves everyone else, and Walt Disney World (until recently) had its own phone company (and $1.25/minute for me to call WDW, 10 miles down the road).

Now, I’ve received more phone books in the past day, bringing the total to:

[li] 2 copies of the Bell South Commercial Yellow Pages - “The REAL Yellow Pages” [2 volumes each of “A-G” and “H-Z”].[/li][li] 3 copies of the Bell South Commercial Yellow Pages en Espanol - sending me one copy I can understand, but three?!?! And I don’t even speak Spanish. All the neighbors received one each. I lucked out.[/li][li] 1 Bell South Mini Yellow Pages - for Savannah, GA[/li][li] 0 Bell South Residential Listings. I guess nobody lives in Orlando, even though they serve the Orlando area.[/li][li] 2 copies of the Sprint Commercial Yellow Pages - “The Best RED Yellow Pages” - at least these are each in one volume[/li][li] 2 copies of the Sprint Residential Listings - including Orlando folks who have Bell South service.[/li][li] 1 copy of the ‘Everyone Who Doesn’t Live in Orlando’ Residential listings. This one is dated April 2003. Everything else is January 2004.[/li][/ul]
Anyone need me to look up a local phone number? Pizza? Trusses? Kites? Stone - Crushed? Houston Astros Spring Training Tickets? (The Atlanta Braves play at Disney Wide World of Sports Complex, but remember, that’s a long-distance call for me.)

[Channeling Mom]You should be grateful for your phonebooks. Some kids in this world don’t even have one phonebook, let alone eleven.[/Mom]


Sorry for your troubles, but I gotta say that is a funny story.

Could you look up Atlantic Street Pizza— in Seattle?

We get 6 to 8 phone books a year dumped in our driveway. I wish there was a way to make them stop, I haven’t use the yellow pages (wood fiber version) years.

Sheesh, it’s not in an Orlando or Savannah phone book. At least you were nice enough to warn me ahead of time, so I didn’t go nuts looking for it.
So which one do you want - one has breakfast as well, and the second seems to specialize in slices, and is the last one even still in business?

And if it’s called “Atlantic Street Pizza”, why isn’t it on Altlantic Street? Did someone switch the street signs in the middle of the night? And what is “Atlantic” doing on the west coast? I’m on the east coast and we don’t have any “Pacific” anything out here.

5253 University Way NE

910 2D, Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 624-7200

9041 Holman Rd NW

(as long as they haven’t changed the area codes once per week like they do here in Florida.)

Damn. Now I want a pizza. Nothing compares to DiGregorio’s (Milton Avenue & W. Genessee Street, if they are still in business) up in Syracuse. Perfectly baked crust, tomato sause of just the right consistancy, layer of thick cheese, lotsa toppings, more cheese. Majorly loaded pizza.

So much for my raspberry yogurt. :mad: