This is the End, my MMP Friends...

…of the 2015 weekly threads. Couldn’t sleep well, so figured I’d get one thread started before the end of the year.

So, the end of this year included presents, a 420 mile drive in the rain to get home Sunday, and several items of clothes in the laundry due to slobber from the Niece’s English Mastiff (a sweet dog, but by god it can produce slobber).

This week I will finish my retirement paperwork (I don’t leave until the end of April, but they want it 120 days early…it’s the Government) and review my 2015 expenses (I keep a spreadsheet that shows where the money went each month, but I don’t fill it out until the end of the year). Also need to start making plans for work on the house and my ‘retirement vacation’ for 2016.

So, what are your end of the year chores?

Congratulations on your Retirement in April, MetalMouse!

No end of the year chores for me. Already enrolled on my work’s new Health Plan they’re implementing on the 1st. Everyone got their Yule gifts, and we have really low-key NYE plans.
I’ve never been the type to make New Years Resolutions, but I’ve been thinking about creating a 3-year-plan. I’d like to pay off my loans, complete my AS, finish the renovations on the house, etc. So I’ve been pondering all of that the past couple of days.
It’s funny. I still feel like a teenager. I always thought it was weird when people freaked out over their age, but now I can see how it can bother someone if they don’t feel that they’ve accomplished anything since High School.

Happy Moonday!

I’m up too early, not sure why. Can’t blame the bladder, nor the dog.

It’s a dark 40 degrees outside and that looks to be as good as it’s going to get today. Temperature wise anyway, the sun should rise sometime today. Cooler temps are here.

As far as the agenda goes, today is the same as any other day, irk, house irk, and playing games. Finish laundry from yesterday - I need a clothesline, the dog’s blanket took forever to dry, pay some bills. Last night I cleaned up the paper pile on my desk, all ready to close out this year’s book and open next year’s. All my little forms and spreadsheets for 2016 have been created, all the goals listed, I feel so organized.
If only meeting the goals would be as easy as making the list.

I shall end the year working! :smiley: Well as much as can be scraped up in the next couple of days. I have 3 drawings in hand to correct right now, but they won’t take long, so I thought I’d check in here.

Really, the only plan I have leading into the new year is to meet with our financial planner and take a look at our picture in light of me being back to work. It’s been a year since we got with him, so we’re definitely due. Based on what he has to say, I can make semi-tentative plans of how long I’ll shoot to keep working.

MLK holiday falls right after my Firday off, so I’ll be having a 4-day weekend. I figure I’ll head up to see my mom some time then, assuming it doesn’t snow. And beyond that, no plans. **FCD **wants to go to Sturgis and he already knows that I refuse to go, so I guess I’ll need to come up with some sort of entertainment for while he’s gone. Yeah, right. I’ll be working…

Anyway, back in my cubicle about to be productive. Happy Moanday!

My end-of-year chores? Well, I just finished a bunch of Christmas music arrangements. They’ll be ready for next year’s market. :stuck_out_tongue: Though a side effect of being a music arranger is that you get really sick of Christmas music.

Some radio stations are still playing Christmas music.

I’m kind of worried abut a friend. He hasn’t answered my messages. My anxiety-ridden brain thinks it’s because he hates me, though that’s probably not true. My brain is screwed up.

I’ve got an early start today because I have much to do.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis a very cloudy <snerk> 69! <snerk> Amurrkin out with a predicted high of 79 for the day and cloudy. Rain shall descend yet again this evenin’, go away tomorrow mornin’, and then return on Wednesday and Thursday. We do not need more rain. Already creeks and streams are floodin’ and the river is at “moderate” flood stage. So far no bridges have been closed but that could change.

MetalMouse thanks for startin’ us off today! No real big plans goin’ into the new year. I turn 62 in July and may consider retirement then. The plan would be to irk part-time which would be great as far as I am concerned. We shall host around a dozen folks on Firday for New Year’s Day eats. I feel the need to make sure folks get their greens and blackeyed peas. Plus I enjoy makin’ this meal.

I need to go to the Pubic sto’ and a couple other places today for necessities and some stuff for Firday’s big eats. Other than that nuttin’ big. Maybe some laundry. Plus I shall go ahead shortly and put the enchilada casserole (OLÈ!) together for tonight’s dindin. Sounds excitatin’ does it not? :smiley:

OK, that’s all I got for now. I need more caffeine and rumbly tummy demands sustenance. Then I suppose I should purtify so as to be presentable to the public.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

The MMPer awoke before dawn.
He put his boots on.

I do believe the Sun is actually peering out through the clouds this morning. Yes, that’s definitely sunshine I see. Yay. After 6 days of clouds and rain, it’s a very welcome sight.
also, of course, blurf.

I’m awake because I had to pee. Then I needed coffee to go with the Sudafed and Aleve and assorted usual medications.

There were 45 people coughing and sneezing on the plane to Florida, so of course I’m sick now. But I’ll have to get dressed and go out at some point for supplies. Like more Sudafed.

No end of year chores here. I enjoy the end of the year by being lazy between whenever I get home from visiting family and the return-to-work-day after the New Year.


It’s snowing! Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday. :slight_smile:

I’ve finished the first of my corrected drawings. The boss came by and pretty much told me he won’t have anything for me to do. Wish I’d brought a book. I may spend a lot of time here today…

Blergh. Slept little and poorly, opening shift at irk.

For 2016, plans include finishing the certificate program I’ve been working on and finding another job (I’ll be timing out of the current one in a couple of months). Not sure what I’ll be able to find that will accommodate school.

Up, caffeinatred, working closing shift. it’s 64 and foggy, normal N.C. New Years weather. My New Years plans involve working. But the curling club in Durham is putting on an exhibit, with beer and food trucks, so I’m going to that. :smiley:

I’m not opening my Doors for you.

swampy, I could retire at 62 and live comfortably for the rest of my life. As long as I’m eaten by wild boars within 4 hours of my retirement. :wink:

Slushy day. The first real wintery stuff of the season. At work with nothin’ to do. Yawn.

Ladies and germs, since I irk from home this week (the commute is a real bitch), I may actually have time to be a Mumper.


Off to Mordor on the Potomac again today for another doctor’s appointment. Yee Haw.

Lucky you. I can retire about 3 days after I’m dead.

I’ll think I’ll never be able to retire, but actually if I get my bills paid off and live very frugally I can live off my Social Security.

Two drawings done (with lots of breaks while doing them.) I’ve taken a look at the 3rd one - good grief, what was my coworker thinking??

The engineer moved a couple of brackets from the back to the side of the assembly. Rather than create a proper view to show the new configuration, my fellow drafter (while I was on vacation) just added dimensions and tags to existing views. Technically, I suppose what he did was acceptable, but it made no sense. All he had to do was change one view from back to side and annotate accordingly. Then it would have been clear what was going on.

So I’m going to do it the way it should be done. At least that’ll give me something to mess with in the next 5 anna half hours… Can I stretch 30 minutes worth of work for that long?? <sigh>

**BBBobbio **- in what parallel universe is the commute here a bitch this week? :stuck_out_tongue: Or did you get a new job that I haven’t heard about?

It is the busiest week of the year in the Keys. My office is full with folks lined up almost out the door.