This is the LAST time I do this! (Or at least until I hit 1,000)

OK, you know the drill! I’m celebrating my 601[sup]st[/sup] post. I want my party. I want my dancers. I want my. . .

<font size=“5”>“Shut up!!! Who the heck cares??”</font>
screams the audience!

sorry, i’ll slink away now…

That’s it cease and desist using those smilies

[The graphic or the murdered smilie has been disabled as it has been unfairly stealing bandwidth from another party. Sorry for the inconvience – SterlingNorth]

Tell a man that there are 400 billion stars and he’ll believe you. Tell him a bench has wet paint and he has to touch it.

Thank you.
<h6>I hate cheap ones…I really do.</h6>

“Tell me and I’ll forget; Show me and
I may remember; Involve me and I’ll
understand.” - Old Chinese Proverb

::starts conga line, tosses confetti, whoops loudly::

Hey, folks! It’s Sterling! Do we really want to pay more attention to total bottom feeding dweebs than polite, erudite posters like Sterling?

Hey, let’s get a grasp here! We’ve fed trolls and starved good guys.

Sterling North…you are the Anti Troll: quiet, funny, reasonable, sane and valuable.


Hooray, Sterling!

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :cool:

And many more!

Dudes, you better stop fuckin’ around with smileys and large, alternate font faces or big brother beatle will come in here and tell you “what for”.

He doesn’t like that sort of “fun” stuff and thinks he has the right to tell others not to do it.
What a nimrod.
Thanks for lisnen(sic).

how did it start? well i don’t know i just feel the craving. i see the flesh and it smells fresh and it’s just there for the taking…

Hey now, I didn’t ask for a “party” on my 500th post…you think I am gonna grant one for your 600th?

Well shoot, why not, any reason to drink another beer, here’s to ya, I spose.

I think that 5,000th post is something to be clinking champagne glasses over < grin >

Jolly good show, Sterling, old chap!

Let’s bring out the whiskey and soda, and celebrate in a dignified fashion, shall we? (looking askance at the loud whoops coming over from TVeblen’s corner)

Hey, I like yer handle: my son’s name is really Sterling! :slight_smile:
just Try and catch up to me!

Thanks for the show of support guys. I’d go in reverse chron order here.

orangecakes – Finally, evidence showing Ster is a chaps moniker. When my screen name was just “Sterling” I’ve been asked why do you use a female screenname. I’d always ask, “Where do you live where Ster is a girl’s name.” After the fifth “Let’s have sex” pop up in a chat room, I appended North and left it as that. I guess big words confuse the masses.
Arnold - don’t mind TV; he’s not been out much (just ribbin’ ya :slight_smile: )
techchick68 – As for 5 grand, I’d be an old grey hare by then. I’d get on the DavidB bandwagon. Especially if the loons come back. (Why they’re attracted to the Debates and him I don’t yet know.)

Lexicon – ‘Nother grad. of the "Abner Yokum School of Communication’?
I is kiddin’. I was just involved with a tragady involving Dogpatch.
Just remember this is a visual medium. If it’s difficult to read, nobody will try.


TVeblen – The folks at SN Manor got a huge laugh out of that one.
Sane? HAHAHAHHA ha–ha-ha-heh. “Have you got them fooled!” they say. You’re not poor if you’ve got friends you’ve never met.

Abner Normal – <font size=“1”>It’s the cheap ones that count the most!</font>

Tell a man that there are 400 billion stars and he’ll believe you. Tell him a bench has wet paint and he has to touch it.

I broke 100 tonight

Congratulations Commander
Boys and girls, may I have your attention. If I transposed the statement and called you girls and boys, my sincerest apologies. It’s 7 a.m.; goodnight.

You’re a good man, Charlie Brown.

Way to go, Sterling! Now I’ve got to open up another thread, because it’s time for my party… :wink: