This is the title Discourse lets me put in as a MMP

Witty title:
It’s HalloHaunuThanksChristKwazaavus, Charlie Brown! A MMP.
Although there will be no broadcast of the Peanuts holiday specials this year(Thanks, AppleTV and 2020! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:). But it’s Halloween week, time to fall back an hour, the end of Election Cycle 2020, and the start of a metric boat ton of holidays. During a pandemic. Talk amongst yourselves, I gotta go sort anvils.

Now you make me feel bad. I did order 2 Y spigot fittings and a channel lock pair of pliers and some plumbing tape to be delivered today but all of it should fit in a shoebox and I’m guessing about 1.5lbs max. If it proves a problem, I owe you a beer :beers: The last sort for my place would be Lincoln or Omaha depots-my packages always say ‘orange’ on them. I always wondered, does that mean “slide it into the corner of the porch where the cobwebs are the thickest and just watch her try to retrieve it in her bathrobe and bare feet?”

Now that you are up, time for me to go to bed or at least try to. Good start on the Moonday MMP BTW. Kudos and another :beer:

Then you’re good. I do hate whoever bought 10 flimsy 70lbs. boxes and had them shipped to the Addresses carried by the package car the loads from the top rack.

Well, in my hub, “Orange” is the back wall of the hub. Doors 43 and 32 do the package cars to houses, 37 is the box truck to the Post Office. Some drivers are just surly-er than others.
Small world, one of my Aunt Marys lives in Omaha, maybe I’ll take you up on that beer. :beer:

Thanks for the almost poetic delineation of the ‘orange’ on my packages. Actually my deliverer is the height of my social life. He always scoots back to his truck across the street but then turns to make sure I heard his knock and have opened the door, giving us a chance to smile and wave. “A human, a face, a response! The gods are good!” Omaha actually has a speakeasy called Down The Rabbit Hole if you ever get here to collect your :beer:

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN 'Tis 64 Amurrkin out and mostly cloudy (partly moony?) with a predicted high of 83 and cloudy(ish) for the day. Today is spiff da cave day. Woo and Hoo! We shall sup upon leftovers from yestiddy.

I say we just cancel all this holiday bidness this year. OK, folks can still be off work and such, but maybe all the hoopla should just go away. I will miss havin’ a big group of folks gathered around for Turkey Day, however. Church is partnerin’ with the UMC down the road for a trunk or treat this Hump Day. I intend to ignore it all together as is my usual wont. On the plus side, there’s a cheap chawklit day comin’ up.

In response to what is now last week’s MMP, I will do my best to post the video when it’s available. I think it might be this week, but more likely 'twill be next week when it’s available. Do links from the Book of Faces work well here? I can’t remember.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day! Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Now that I’m caffetnated, I managed to find today’s MMP. I missed it earlier.

swampy - FB links should work, but if the original post was not made “Public” it can only be seen by friends. Unless I misunderstand your question…

Now that I’ve finished my iced diet coke, I need a cup of hot tea - it’s in the 40s here and I’ve heard the furnace come on a few times. Looking at the 10-day forecast, I think we’re finally in fall - highs in the 50s and 60s, lows in the 40s. Getting close to pellet stove weather.

Plans for today, you ask?? Hanging up some pictures, I hope, and later this afternoon, we’ll go get the dresser. I’ll also clean the bed frame for the guest room and start putting everything back in there - Roxy’s room is overloaded at the moment. And maybe a load of laundry or two.

FCD is giving serious thought to retiring (mostly) at the end of this year. He’s really frustrated by his work - mainly the crap part that doesn’t seem to go away. We took a look at the numbers, and even if we wait till he hits full retirement age to draw his SS, we don’t have to make any major lifestyle changes to live on my SS and retirement… that is, once we finish paying off the new furniture. We shall see if he changes his mind again - this would be his 3rd retirement (OK, the second one was more of a transition.)

Never a dull moment at FairyChatEstates! Happy Moanday!

My farrier and I discussed his anvils at Ariel’s last trim. His current anvil weighs 150 but he wants a heavier one to do bigger shoes. He said the price of anvils has skyrocketed with the popularity of the teevee show Forged in Fire.

Today I meet my new boss (not the same as the old boss). I have about 18 months til retirement, so we’ll get along fine unless she’s an ax murderer.

Hey all, and good morning. No, I have yet to go to sleep. The baby is, I believe, going through a growth spurt, and so is not a happy camper. She and her mama have just gone back down, and I am trying to wind down.

I am so frustrated about so many things, added onto 2020 in general, the election and the pandemic, my son, omg, y’all don’t even know about that ongoing debacle, and more. Anyway, my crankiness drove me to the computer and I headed over here to share a news article that no one else had posted on, but there is no place at the bottom of the page (where is the bottom of the page???) to find the coding cheats. So I went to the appropriate forum and found many posts about what coding to use over here, but they are all so confusing, although that may be a symptom of my high stress levels. So, anyone have the definitive code cheats? Wanna share? I’ll share photos of both the baby AND the two new Pomeranians, for those who may have missed them on the book of faces.

Guys, I am going to be honest, I am having a hard time. I haven’t had a therapist in over a year, and I am super phobic about going out anywhere, so . . . I mean, I haven’t seen my PC for my every-three-months A1c visit since April. Or earlier, I can’t remember for sure. He’s mad at me. I was supposed to see him last week, but I woke up with the baby at 5:00 am all hypoglycemic (dangerously low) and my visit was supposed to be a fasting appointment and it was at 10:30. I had to eat, so I had to cancel and I have another appointment this Friday. Please be my cheer team so I actually go see the stupid dr. He’s the same age as my #2 kid, and I had to yell at him at one point, but I proved my point and we are getting along much better.

This rambling, my memory lapses, and all the crying, it’s all red flags for my depression. I am in no danger to myself or others, but I just can’t find my happy. I have been trying to stay off the book of faces, too many triggering posts, so I told myself that if I just come to the MMP when I am down in the basement digging holes maybe I can crawl out of this pit.

It’s really hard for me to admit any of this to anyone, and I will try not to get maudlin. I need my friends, and I need you here, where the rest of the world can’t find me. Thanks guys, and I’ll be lurking . . . and posting.

Really, thanks.

You rock!
You rock!
You rock!
Go see the stupid doc!
and {{{{hugs}}}} , we’re here for you!

Happy Moonday!

It’s a cool and rainy 46 degrees outside. We didn’t stay long at the park. I almost didn’t go. I thought nobody else would show up, so I left when with Lucy. Then when I got home I got a text from Jax that they were on the way.
I needed to get home early and prepare for the tub guy anyway, and if he can’t fix the wiring, call an electrician.
Lucy’s dad told me the same thing happened at his house and if it’s the same problem he had, I will need an electrician. Something about a ground wire coming loose inside the wall.

Swampy, my doctor sent an email saying we should not celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, along with a bunch of rules if you decide to go ahead and get together with family anyway. Of course, if she had her way, nobody would step foot outside their house except to pick up the mail and the groceries off the porch, after you let them sit there for three days. Of course if nobody ever steps outside their door, there would be no mail or groceries being delivered, a small detail she seems to have overlooked. At least she finally told us we no longer have to worry about sanitizing our groceries (or leave then outside for three days) anymore.
Anyway, if you do decide to get together, everybody should wear a mask, the windows should be open, everybody should stay 6 feet away from everybody else. Everybody should fill their own plate from the stove, no passing around dishes, sit at least six feet away from each other. You can take your mask off while you eat, but no talking allowed, until the masks go back on.
I think if she had to follow me around for a day she would be horrified.


It is definitely Moanday. Almost at the bus stop when police cars and crime scene tape caught my eye. My block, on the other side of the street, is essentially blocked off by police, especially near the bus stop. For bonus points, my second bus of the trip has been cancelled. Lucky I have enough available in checking today that Lyft is an option. If I weren’t worried about attendance points, I’d say “(bleep) this” and give up on today. So far, it does not appear to be worth the shampoo and toothpaste to participate in.

Sounds like a typical Moanday for many Mumpers…miserable. Nothing much to report here, I’m working on my weekly list and have cloudy skies (haven’t seen a bit of blue in a week) and temps only going to 70F.

{{{{Wiki}}}}, take care, but do go see the Doc this Firday. Couldn’t hurt and it might help. And post anytime, not just the maudlin moments–we mange here by posting the Mundane as well, y’know.

Nettie, is there an alternative bus or was the cancellation a one-day thing? Could mess up your planning… Hope it all works out.

Sari, sounds like Doc is a tad bit overdoing it…but then, with all the cases popping up now, maybe she’s smarter than we are…

wet one, be careful for what you wish for…

FCM, retirement is if he has something else to do; if he’s just going to sit around and drive you nuts, bet he’s back to work in 6 months…

All y’all have a good week, I need to do some house-irk and forage for sustenance.

Lyft is the game plan today (fortunately, the checking account will allow this). Hopefully, I will be able to figure out and get to a reasonable rendezvous point with said Lyft driver. Reminds me, need to get out the door now.

Monday started early around here. At 1:43AM Pixel decided to barf all over, well, everything. That forced a bed linen change all around. Then upon finally getting out of bed at a decent hour, discovered Caelan had barfed all over the office floor. Such are the joys of being owned by cats.

Get an a1c test kit at the drugstore, do it yourself, and phone it in. That’s what I do. Not making any unnecessary doctor trips. As for being mad at you, tell him you’re a grown-up and he should get over himself.

Afternoon, mumpers! It’s bright and shiny over this side of the Pond. We put our clocks back yesterday so although I’m still in your future, not as far in it as I used to be, until you catch up with us again.

{{{{{Wiki}}}}} this is definitely the best place to be when you’re feeling down, even if you just want to come in and howl in the corner, you know we’re always here.

Sari your doc sounds like an over-reactor! I am not planning any big hexmas celebrations this year, for starters we will be staying at home so no holiday plans, and we are unlikely to be able to visit ‘im indoors’ family up in Scotland either. It’ll be the first one without mum too, and I think I might just want to hide away for a bit. On the plus side, the University has given us two extra days off so we shut from 18th December to 4th January (not a great day, anniversary of mum’s death).

Poorly eye is better today, Nellie yes, the drops are corticosteroids.(dexamethasone phosphate) four times a day for a week, then twice a day for two weeks. The inflammation has eased, my eye’s a lot less red and much less painful now. It’s the light sensitivity that’s causing the problems now. I’m back at work so I have a timer set to go off at regular intervals to remind me to look at something other than the screens!

Retirement as in doing what he wants to do for a change - working on his motorcycle, futzing in his shop, building a remote-control lawnmower to do our hills and ditches. He’s really frustrated with having to re-do designs over and over every time someone says “But what about this?”

I think he’ll try to stay out of design work but make himself available to run the thermal and stress analyses as needed. We shall see. I just know he’s been mostly unhappy of late.

{{{kai}}} You know we’re all ears for you, even if we can’t give you useful advice. As for posting - you can PM me specific questions and I’ll help you if I can. I’m no expert, but I can do some stuff. For example, to send a PM, just click on my name and pick Message from the pop-up. It’s not as intuitive as the old board format, but it’s also not as awful as it seems at first.

Meanwhile, third load in the washer, second in the dryer, first put away. I’ve got leftover Chinese food for lunch and I think I’ll pull some chicken out of the freezer for supper. We dropped FCD’s car off at the shop to get the wheel replaced before we sell it to daughter and SIL. They’ll finally get rid of SIL’s crappy car and with proper care, they should easily get another 100K miles from the HHR. Then FCD will get the Cadillac he’s been lusting after.

I just don’t understand car guys…

Always something.
The lawn/fence/bathroom guy knows how to do electrical stuff, and his helper used to irk as an electrician.
They are looking the wiring as they are going along with the bathtub stuff.
So that is good news.

However, Home Depot sent the wrong plumbing stuff with the tub, they sent stuff for a tub with jets and mine doesn’t have jets. Hopefully, they have the right plumbing stuff in stock and I won’t have to wait for it to be delivered. Being that the tub was sent from a Virginia store, I’m not feeling very hopeful.

I don’t know what is up with Echo today. She is acting afraid of the lawn/fence/bathroom guy instead of being up his ass as usual. He isn’t any noisier today than any other day.

Up and staggering through the morning with coffee and toast. The world is truly made better with butter and a dollop of heavy cream.

Overlygirl had her cast removed today and now has a noodly arm. I just made a first payment on overlyboy’s back brace. Overlymom has a radiology consult on Thursday in preparation for cancer treatment. I’m already heartily sick of doctors, not that I much liked visiting them anyway. Anywho, I feel like I really oughtn’t complain since it’s not me having all the work done on them.

I’m hoping to go to bed very early tonight. Every single night I “commit” to getting into bed no later than 10. Every single night I’m in bed at 11, fiddling with a book or an ipad until midnight and wondering why I’m so exhausted the next day. But…today is my day. Honest. No, really.

Gonna be one of those weeks. Got to school and just settled in when the power dumped all over the lower part of town due to extremely high winds. So back up the hill I go to teach from home today. Assuming my power doesn’t go out as well. Oh, well. At least I get hot tea all morning now.