This is what the product would be if Jack Chick wrote Ziggy.

I think this guy is a good candidate for a Lebon award.

Ah, Ziggy. Will you never learn? No? Then BURN IN HELL FOREVER!!!

Ouch. Nasty stuff. The art is a little better than Ziggy…but that’s the only good thing I’m gonna say about this wretched little product of a hate-filled mind…

(You want a Christian comic strip that had a lot of class? Latigo, by Stan Lynde. Strict Biblical message, but mostly upbeat and cheerful…and with some of the best art you’ll ever find!)


Kinda same old, same old except:

Cats and Dogs? WTF? Being carnivores I don’t imagine either of them ate from the tree of knowledge.

Christianity is sorta funny. Comics are funny (unless they are of the “Terry and the Pirates” type). Why are these Christian comix so NOT funny?

The cat v. dog one… What’s it mean? should I not care about my pets 'cause they’re doomed to burn burn burn on Lucifer’s hibachi?

Are pets damned? I never even suspected.

Is it because cats are pagan?

The Grapple is my favorite:

Jesus created the universe?

“Jesus created the entire universe?”

What sect of Christianity is that?!

“Fred Phelps!”

“Jack Chick!”

“It’s definitely Fred Phelps!”

“No way, take a look at Jack Chick!”

“Look at all of the threads on Fred Phelps!”

“There are WAY more threads on Jack Chick!”

Some Dopers remain divided about which of these people is a better example of a really fucked up mind
I get better with practice…I promise.


I notice they don’t show the ratings when you vote.


I love his contempt for those who don’t understand the ‘science’ of the ark.

Is there any chance at all that this is supposed to be making fun of creationists? Or is that just a happy coincidence?


I don’t get the third one in the OP. Can someone explain?

That site has to be a woosh right?

I don’t picture any creationalist saying Jesus created the universe so lunch was no problem.

I’m ashamed to say the second one got a chuckle out of me – you don’t have to be a creationist to enjoy the gag.

The rest are the hellspawn lovechild of Nancy, Ziggy, and Family Circus after a mass conversion experience.

Perhaps we can chalk it up to the “indivisible oneness of the trinity.” (apologies to Monty Python)

Man, those comics are so bad they are hard to satirize.

Yeah, I don’t get that either.

It’s not really a creationist gag. The joke is that we read the dialogue, and think “These people are arguing over whether cats or dogs are better pets”, whereas in fact they’re arguing over which is more evil.

<sigh> It’s so sad when people don’t know enough Christian theology such that they can’t tell the difference between fundamentalist ravings and long-held traditional mainline belief.

Please open you Bible to the first chapter of John:

The Word, being the second person of the Trinity (i.e., Jesus) was the person through whom all things came to be.
Witness the Nicene Creed (325 AD):

And, so says Thomas Aquinas.
So, if you’re a Christian, even a non-fundamentalistic Christian, it is the belief of your faith that “Jesus created the universe” (to put it crudely).

This is my “favorite” :