This is why I hate SUVs

  1. They are treated as trucks by the government and thus are not held to the same standards for fuel efficiency and exhaust. They are taxed like trucks, but are in fact just station wagons.

  2. They are more dangerous to pedestrians, other drivers and their owners. Car talk has an excellent page on SUVs (

  3. There is an inherent hypocrisy to SUVS:
    A. SUV advertisements often promote the idea that SUV owners are outdoorspeople, but in fact their use such inefficient vehicles proves they do not care about the outdoors and “four wheeling” is a very destructive activity which in no ways shows any respect for the outdoors.

    B. American flags on an SUV is just the height of hypocrisy. SUV drivers obviously do not care about America. If they did they would drive a reasonable vehicle that consumed less gas. Yes, any automobile consumes gas, but an SUV is a needlessly inefficient vehicle. In fact, they don’t seat more people than some much smaller cars.

    Patriots don’t drive SUVs.

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