This just in! Coldfire dishes the dirt on the other SDMB mods, tonight on HARD COPY!

Okay, maybe not. But these gems came up in chat today. :smiley:

<Coldfire1> Well… Ukelele Ike has an afair with a small farm animal. That’s all I’m saying.
<Coldfire1> Manhattan secretly reads socialist literature in his spare time, and has posters of horses on his bedroom wall.
<Coldfire1> DrMatrix was a Nazi doctor during WWII. He lives in Argentine under a false name.
<Coldfire1> Tubadiva runs an alligator breeding farm in Florida. She has $4 billion in the bank.
<Coldfire1> CajunMan posts from a log cabin in the Northern Territories.
<Coldfire1> UncleBeer dresses up in drag when he goes to the shooting range, something about a childhood trauma he’s dealing with.
<Coldfire1> Corrado owns a Volkswagen dealership in Atlanta, Georgia. Hence the name.


Well, sorta.

/me wonders if he should pop into chat sometime. :slight_smile:

I don’t really like using cliches, but I have to say i’m whoosed

UncleBeer’s dad better be careful, since I know they sometimes go shooting together.

I have a crush on Coldfire.

There, I said it.

Don’t worry, scott evil. Everyone has a crush on Coldfire.

I want Coldfire to acknowledge my crush. :slight_smile:

scott evil, I’m sure if you ask your lovely mother Frau Farbissina to help, that just might happen.

I can hear her now:

COLDFIRE! ACKNOWLEDGE MY SON’S CRUSH! CRACK! (sound of her riding crop striking the tabletop)

I want to crush Coldfire too!

I heard it was a lamb.

waitaminit. . . .

Where is this “chat” of which you speak? Another way to waste time on the Dope, eh?

The chat room is not affiliated with The Straight Dope in any way. That said, the room is on IRC and it’s called #straightdope.

Help out an IRC ignoramus - do you have to connect to a particular IRC server to get to it, or is there some way to search for it on different IRC servers, or does the channel exist across the board? :confused:

Sorry, I should’ve included more info.

I downloaded mIRC to use for IRC on my PC - I find it simple to use.

You have to connect to the Undernet server. The type /join #straightdope

Woo hoo, a chat newbie! My favourite kind!

Cool, I got it. Thanks, Fran.

Thanks for clarifying. Saying it’s on IRC is like saying “It’s on the Internet”. I use Trillian for IRC, as I use it for everything else.

Sorry – you’re going to have to be nice to the old lady.

Type “/join # straightdope” where?

In IRC, you first have to connect to a server, a computer on which a number of “channels” are hosted. #straightdope is one such channel (all channel names are prepended by the #, incidentally. They weren’t just being perverse or odd or making it hard to find).

After connecting to an Undernet server, you should get a message telling you that you’ve connected. There will be a text bar toward the bottom of the window where you can type. In that bar is where you should type /join #straightdope (in your post, you put a space after the # - don’t do that) to pop into the channel. You can also type /nick twickster to change your nickname.

Assuming you’re using mIRC (a popular IRC program for Windows), someone else will have to walk you through connecting to a server, as I haven’t used it in some time, and don’t remember exactly how it works.