This thread is not about WallyM7

Gotcha! Of course it is, you dumb :wally es :smiley:

Wally only recently got ICQ, you know, the only GOOD instant messaging program. But I know he has conversed with quite a few people via ICQ. I though it would be nice, for us AND in the future for Wally’s family, to share some of these conversations. If you feel that it is too personal, don’t post it. I, for one, think Wally would not object to me sharing our words with the Teeming Millions. There’s nothing in there that’s really personal, and it’s almost 100% Straight Dope related. Plus, it’s fun too :wink:

Here we go:

There was no next time, unfortunately. Thanks for the laughs, pal. On behalf of myself and Wally, I’d like to apologise for the sometimes questionable language, but I’m sure UncleBeer will look the other way this time.

Bon voyage, Wally.

Thank you Coldfire.

Unfortunately I did not save the history of my last
icq conversation with Wally. But we did have a giggle.

He asked me when I was getting married so he would have a reason to come west to crash a party and I told him I would as soon as he agreed to walk me down the aisle.

The next time I saw him on, he was helping a friend and said he would talk to me soon.

Peaceful rest to you Wally, If I ever get married, I’ll call for your second in command and get our bud Coldy to get out his best wooden shoes to dance me down the aisle :wink:

Great story Coldy.
I was thinking of doing something like this…

I never talked to him much outside of the board, just a couple of mails, including the “Would you buy a used Putz” poster I did up for him.

I still have the reply he sent me…

All I have is a couple of emails. I regret not writing to him more: He was always funny and polite. A great friend, indeed.

I was just looking through Wally’s posts.

That “Wally tries Cybersex” was just about the funniest thing I’ve read…ever.

To his family and friends, I’m sorry for your loss.

Regards, Graeme :wally:

Thanks Coldfire. I wish now I had known he had ICQ…could have chatted with him a little more.

Ironic note: As I was reading this, “Motorcycle Drive By” came on my MP3 player.

Coldy, I don’t know why, but that brought tears to my eyes. How wonderful to be able to hold on to even the everyday conversations with someone who is gone. Thanks for sharing that with us. :slight_smile:

Thanks Coldfire. Funny thing is, I am a :wally, as I was thinking before opening this, what kind of insensitive person would openly declare their post as, “This tread is not about WallyM7” today?

I bought it hook, line, and sinker.

Thanks, ClogBoy.

Nice one , Coldfire .

What wonderful memories you have with him, Coldfire. Thank you so much for sharing those. I know how much he loved you and cherished your friendship. He was a lucky man to have you in his life.

Here’s one I found in my history file that you might like…

**Shayna 6/14/00 6:13 PM **

When you can get on SD, read this thread. You’re mentioned. :slight_smile:


WallyM7 6/14/00 6:16 PM

You know, if Cold fire or ChiefScott suddenly stopped posting and I couldn’t reach them, I’d be worried sick. And if it was you,… I don’t even want to think about it

What was said about me, by the way? I wasn’t even involved in this

Shayna 6/14/00 6:18 PM

Wally, it was a funny comment about you, nothing to worry about. Here, I’ll copy it for you. I thought you’d get a kick out of it.

Shayna 6/14/00 6:19 PM

secret, do not read!


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You have probably seen a news article about houses that blow up because they filled up with natural gas. You have probably said “Ick, I hope that never happens to me!”. Did you know that there are such things as “natural gas detectors”? Somehow this is a closely guarded secret. But here I go spilling the beans. I got mine at Home Depot. It cost $30. It was beside the smoke detectors. The clerks in the store never heard of a “natural gas detector”, so don’t ask them where it is. Ask for the location of the smoke detectors and go there. Mine is rated by UL to detect propane and methane, but the manual says it can detect other explosive gases. But, shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone else! We can’t have everyone protected from house explosions. And if you’re in the media, certainly don’t mention them in the same article as an explosion! This is a secret!

Shayna 6/14/00 6:19 PM


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Boy, think of the embarrassment one of these would have saved Wally. 'Course he would have had to have had it mounted outdoors!

Amy –
Think Father’s Day gift!

WallyM7 6/14/00 6:20 PM

They’re making fun of me again, aren’t they. Which one is it this time" Coldfire? Chief? Mully? Milo? Dave? It’s got to be one of them.

Gonna get my putzrifle and find me a tower

WallyM7 6/14/00 6:21 PM

Chief. I should have known

Shayna 6/14/00 6:21 PM

LMAO! See? I told you it wasn’t something bad, though.

WallyM7 6/14/00 6:22 PM


That was very sweet of you to share, Shanya. It is so comforting to know that he would have worried about me as much as I do about him.

Wally kicked ass, simply put. And so do you, Shanya, for sharing this.

Superhug, all the way.

This is “Pulling a Wally”, kids. You’re trying to make a compliment, but then you misspell someone’s name.


Dammit :wink:

Shanya Twain’s my favorite country singer, though.

Thanks, Enya, Wally’s quote “Chief. I should have known.” speaks volumes to me.

Yeah, :wally, it’s Shayna. Do you have peanut butter for brains or something?

Sheesh! :wink:

And {{{{{HUGS}}}}} right back at ya, my friend.

Thanks, LaToya. You’ve always been one of my favourite posters :wink:

As well as one of my favorite Jacksons.

LMAO Chief! You’re a :wally, too!

P.S. - did you get my email this morning?

Oh, and putzfire, you’ve always been one of my favourites, too!