This was just sent to me. Interpretations welcome !!!

I just got an email from an unknown source. Below is the exact and full text of what was sent. I’ve read it through. I think there’s something to it, but I cannot put my finger on it. Thoughts??

I could easily see John Malkovitch doing this rant. :smiley:


It’s got a nice beat, but you can’t dance to it.

Michael Stipe lyrics?

And there are some nice words there – “novel-crazed”, “mingle-mangleness” – but I can’t detect any actual sentences.

snaps fingers in applause

Cool, daddy-o. Real gone.
And it doesn’t really sound like Vogon poetry this time around.


Or Christopher Walken.

You can chant parts of it to the beat in "It’s the End of The World As We Know It (and I Feel Fine.)

I recognized it immediately as the portion of “I Am The Walrus” that got left on the editing room floor.

Maybe you should submit it to Marilyn Vos Savant. It’s probably over the heads of most Parade readers (myself included) but she might give it a looksee.

um…band name?

This is nothing more than a mild threat from the NSA. They know what you’re up to, and they want you to stop it. Stop it now.

I want a neo-Darwinism napkin ring!

I believe I shall begin describing myself as “Non-Magyar”

I junk-mailboxed something that looked just like that today. It looked spammy, so I said no thank you.

It’s Andy Kaufman’s lost monologue.


Ok, translate it into binary, and then into hex.
Reverse all the characters so the passage is back to front,
Translate it back into binary and thence to ASCII

…HAW! You’re not going to believe this!

It’s a virus! AHHHHH!

It’s my lost thesis!!!

We Didn’t Start The Fire works in other areas as well.

There must be some meaning in there. There’s no way that was generated totally randomly – there’s too much alliteration, assonance, and consonance. It almost reads like some sort of Finnegans Wake-style wannabe.

What’s it mean??