Those who work from home, what is your dress code?

I have a friend who work from home, and he recently shared with me that his production rate has dropped tremendously low (he’s a freelance graphics designer) and that he had to get out from home, such as to a library or Starbucks, to get anything done.

He said it also helped that if he wears pants and shirts at home. That’s quite a radical departure from his regular behaviors, for he was always just wandering at home in just his boxers.

What about the rest of the Dope? Do you have a dress code if you do most of your work from home?

I tend to work in sweat pants and a t-shirt. I don’t find the clothes I wear have any impact on my productivity, to be honest. I work as a transcription typst, to pretty tight deadlines, so that may have something to do with it.

T-shirt and gym shorts. I work best when I’m comfortable.

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Pajamas (which can vary from a nightgown to boxers and a tank) and a robe.
In the winter I wear sweats, but that’s due to how cold it can get down here in the basement.

What I’m wearing doesn’t inpact my productivity, but I find I have to try harder to get a Work mindset if I know laundry needs washing, the basement needs cleaning.

I usually just work in my underwear and a T-shirt until I need to go out for lunch or coffee or fresh air something. Then I just wear normal street clothes.

Whatever’s comfortable or whatever I happen to have on. Come Sunday night, it doesn’t matter. I have to work through Tuesday night deadline til it’s done, no matter what I’m wearing! (small weekly newspaper owner/editor/producer)

I think something that makes a difference here is whether you were used to working at home as a child. I was used to studying and doing homerwork in my room; doing so in a library makes me very tense (I always feel like I’ll drop something and make the most dreadful noise, but it so happens the children’s librarian had a serious bee in her bonnet about me way back when, due to my ultra-high reading speeds). On the other hand, my sister in law never had an adequate study space at home, and she just can’t get anything done when she’s there: she grew up going to the library to study, and she still has to go to the library to study or read professional articles (she’s a doctor).

When I’m working from home I dress comfortably, but I do get dressed. I may get dressed a bit more than if I was just loafing about - never to the point of “business attire,” though, just I won’t be wearing my tattiest clothes or in my jammies. Again, these are habits that go back to my childhood when I think about it: I got used to changing into street clothes as soon as possible starting on that day we had to evacuate because of a fire in another apartment (being outside in January, in central Spain, and in your jammies, is NOT fun).

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Whatever’s comfortable. If I’m really trucking on a project, I might stay in my jammies* all day, if I don’t have to go anywhere. Sometimes I’ll wear the same thing for several days in a row (but with fresh undies) if I’m just sitting here, not sweating it up. Why make extra laundry?

I compensate by usually trying to look nice when I do go out and about.

*Figurative jammies; I generally sleep in the nude, so “jammies” are the robe or T-shirt/sweats that I throw on when I get up.

When I was working at home, it was usually in jeans and a t or a collarless shirt, which is my usual wear. Come to think of it, it’s also what I wear to the office nowadays.

I didn’t wear shoes, though.

T-shirt and jeans, or shorts.

Even though Remote Desktop Connection is painfully slow (the office is using DSL, and the PC at work is pretty pokey compared to my Mac), a tend to get more work done when I’m working from home. On-site I share an office and my coworker likes to talk. I also get out for lunch (which I normally eat at my desk), and often take a 20-minute break in the afternoon. At home I can work uninterrupted until my butt is too sore from sitting, and then take a break.

T-Shirt and shorts

I’ve never worked from home, but I can’t imagine that I’d wear anything at all… unless we were video conferencing or something. I suppose while some people work better when they feel relaxed, others find it hard to be productive while relaxed.

Jeans, undies & sox, t-shirt, shoes. Same as what I wear when I’m employed and expected to show up in the flesh 9-5, unless they have some stupid rule mandating other costumes.

If I’m doing graphics (computer-type), I just wear a pair of baggy old gym shorts and a T-shirt. If I’m painting, I have a pair of old coveralls that used to be white, but now look like a Jackson Pollack original.

If I’m meeting with a client here in the studio (rare) or out at a restaurant, I dress sharp. Not coat & tie sharp, but much better my usual old punkabilly wear. Sometimes I even shave.

I roll out of bed still in my jammies (jammie pants and “wife beater” in the summer; jammie pants, t-shirt and hoodie in the winter) and stay in them until I have to leave the house.

Most days I change into “street clothes” around 5, but some times I don’t need to change anything but my underwear for a few days.

If I have to go out during the day and wear regular clothes, I always come back and put my jammies on.

I’ve never really worked in an office, tho. Once I was out of college (in 2001), I started working from home. So I missed the whole “get up and get dressed for work” training boat.

Hub calls my tee shirt and underwear my "work uniform"and that’s the MOST I wear. I only change into street clothes when I’m going out of the house. I’ve trained all my friends to call before they “drop over” or at least expect little to no clothes and bring their own eye bleach.

I do not work in my pajamas. But then, I have never liked just lounging around in my PJs anyway, so I might be biased. I do prefer to get out of the house and go to Starbucks or wherever to work, but partially that is because when I am home, it’s difficult for me to stay focused on work when I’m thinking, “You know, it would only take a few minutes to do a load of laundry…” Then when I’m in the laundry room, I think it would just take a few minutes to fold the clothes that are already in the dryer. Then it would just take a few more minutes to put them away in the kids’ rooms. Then a few more minutes just to straighten up the upstairs hallway a bit… and then 45 minutes is gone, and while my house is neater and tidier, I have got nothing done towards my deadline.

So I prefer to just leave the house entirely. Less tempting to get distracted with housework that way.

So am I the only one who sometimes works in the nude?

OK, not normally … but still. 'Fess up!! :wink:

I wear sweat pants and a t-shirt.

To me it doesn’t matter what I wear, but I do have to get into a work mentality. I have my “cave” down in my basement, and I have to work there. If I take the laptop upstairs, forget it. I won’t get anything done. I have to be sitting at my desk, or I won’t be productive.

I also have to think in “work mode”. I won’t leave the house or even do anything but work as long as I am in “work mode”. I take a break for lunch, but otherwise I don’t take any sort of break at all except to go to the bathroom or grab something to drink or snack on.

If your friend is having trouble focusing at home, it helps to set up some sort of “office” space, even if it is just a desk that you don’t use for any other purpose other than work.