Thoughts on Ex Officio and other brands of travel clothing?

Last week I went on a wet and cold camping trip, and once again learned the value of good clothing in rough conditions. My cotton cargo pants looked like they went through a war, and they were bulky, heavy, and stayed damp. Pretty much a nightmare. Then when I was in the Seattle airport, flying out, I visited their Ex Officio store. Admittedely I was sleep deprived, but they seemed to have a lot of nice stuff, especially the nylon long sleeve shirts and convertible pants. I liked that their nylon didn’t look or sound like nylon. It was just like a very light cotton. Rather on the expensive side, but I would only be buying a couple of pieces, not a full wardrobe, so I could swing it.

So, anyone have experience with this stuff in real world situations? I’m planning on using it in hot weather camping and general backpack/hostel travel. Or if anyone has some alternatives, I’d love to hear them.

So, not very popular, eh?

My husband seems to like his. He has one each of the two things you mention (a pair of light brown convertible pants and a green shirt) and wears them all the time. We live in S. California, so rain isn’t really the issue, but he likes to stay cool and covered. They seem to be holding up pretty well after weekly rounds in commercial washers and driers.

visit they stock a ton of discounted high end leisure, and adventure wear, including exO, sportiva, etc etc.
I have a couple of exofficio items, shorts and the like, its good stuff.