Thread for people who don't get mentioned in flirty threads!

Missed out on a virtual marriage? Crushed 'cause no one has a crush on you? Not cute enough to make the cute thread?

Well, stand and be counted! Let your message be read! Make yourself known right here, and we’ll show the beautiful ones! Remember what Robert the Nerd said, there’s more of us than there are of you!

My name is A girl, and I am someone! Yes indeed! Unloved and unwanted, like a doll on the Isle of Misfit Toys, well, good! I ain’t waiting for Santa, I’m standing up tall and shouting out loud!


A girl…
(sorry, too much coffee today. I promise, I’ll be gone again soon enough… :D)

Hey A Girl, gotta say your pic is one of the cutest on the people pages. Were I not married, I would be saying “How YOU doin?” That dress that you are wearing is quite flattering, a very elegant look overall.
::loosening collar which has suddenly become tight::
Is it hot in here or is it just me?

I gotta agree with you. My pic on the people pages, while not award winning, was taken when I was feeling quite cute. I just guess that people are reluctant to say someone is cute without really knowing them. IMHO. Don’t want to make an innocent comment and end up with someone stalking you…I guess.

I’m never mentioned in the flirty threads :frowning:

Although I did hijack the hell out of Very Vaguely Creepy, and had a flirty thread devoted entirely to me…but I never get mentioned in any of the regular ones.

I’m never mentioned on anything remotely like that :frowning:

Nobody from SDMB flirts with me either! In real life strangers flirt with me all the time. On the internet I can’t get anyone to notice me.

I need to get a picture put on the people pages. I am sure that will get me noticed!

What she said! I feel so left out and lonely, but I always get over it.

::Hugs A girl tightly:: You smell nice!


Okay dammit, how the hell did I get a direct mail invite to this thread?

I’m married, so I only flirt with my wife. :smiley:

I’ll drop a dollar in the bucket for ya’ll tho.

warm fuzzies you guys are all so cute. i didn’t look at any pictures. didn’t have to. everyone is so sweet in this thread. hugs and kisses to all. :wink:

Yeah, I know where you all are coming from. I think Zumba the Cat’s mention of my user name as a favorite was the only time my name has ever come up in those types of threads. (Thanks, Zumba!)

But then again, I don’t have my picture posted, although it may be coming soon to a peoplepages near you, and I don’t flirt much on the board, so what should I expect?

(BTW, A Girl, I think you look great in your photo!)

No flirts for me.

To put a big exclamation point on this thread, I’d like to add that I’ve never been mentioned on a flirty thread. Also, I think you are all Hot Sex Vixens ™ and/or Manly Men Doing Manly Things ™ and I want to bone/be boned by each one of you. If this disturbs you, close your eyes and just pretend whatever is needed for you to feel better.

Thank You.

Thanks for the thread, A girl! I never get any extracurricular attention, either. I think it’s my convolutions scaring people off.

I only get gratuitous mention if I have said something first.


Oh well… my little boy thinks I’m cute :slight_smile:

Hello, my name is pepperlandgirl, and nobody flirts with me.
S’ok,I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m not mentioned in hugs/kisses/marriage/flirty/cutest threads. But, hey, it’s not a problem…for me anyway. They are the ones missing out on all the fun. No skin off my nose.

Count me in! I’ve never had anyone look twice at me at the SDMB. Maybe I should post a pic or two somewhere…


I seem to be another one of those no-virtual-marriages, never-gets-mentioned-in-the-crush-threads, misses-out-on-the-heavy-flirting types around here.

Part of it is being married, and not wanting to flirt to the point where it gets taken seriously. (I do get involved in considerably more flirting over at Fathom, where we all know each other pretty well, and there’s less room for that sort of confusion.) And when I’m here, I tend to spend less time in MPSIMS than in GD, which isn’t exactly flirting territory.

Or maybe I just need a better pic on the People Pages. :wink:

GD isn’t flirting territory? Damn!

[sub]I knew I was doing something wrong.[/sub]

Well I’m a card carrying member of the Invisible Man Club[sup]TM[/sup] also. Not that it worries me too much, I’m also married and don’t flirt as a rule, but it would be nice to get a mention once in a while, somewhere.
I blame it on that dorky pic I posted to the people pages. (It’s the only one I have of myself on my computer. I gotta see if Shayna will let me send another one.)

I did kinda start a flirt with FairyChatMom once by accident, but the minute I turned my back (to go to dinner at the kid’s house), she ran off and threw herself at some…frog! sigh

Anyway, nice to meet y’all. Maybe we could practice on each other? Ahhhmm…uh…Silly Rabbit, you are just cuter than a speckled pup, Ma’am.

How was that? :rolleyes:

You’ve been singled out for praise on both sides of most arguements(well, except for Milo’s pot/kettle thing) as being well spoken and, more to the point - (ahem) right. :smiley: hope that helps.