Thread Killers Official Scorecard

This is the thread where we keep score of how many threads any individual doper has killed, so that we may determine who is truly the mightiest of thread killers. So onto the rules:
[li]Your score is your total number of thread kills divided by your total number of posts. So 1000 posts with 50 thread kills gives you a score of .05[/li]
[li]A thread is considered killed once a period of 10 days has past without posting. So the first person in a thread who has the last post for 10 days may, on the eleventh day, post in this thread for 1 thread kill point.[/li]
[li]You must post in this thread with a link to the thread for the point to count. You may also state in this post why you think you were able to kill the thread (stupidity, summed everything up, scared everyone off, etc…)[/li]
[li]In the event of a tie score, the person with the most thread kill points wins.[/li]
[li]No one can get a point for killing a thread they started.[/li]
[li]A thread can only be killed once.[/li]
[li]Whenever you kill a thread, drink.[/li][/list=1]

Have at it!

DaLovin’ Dj

WhooHoooo!!! Had the final say in this thread. I’m guessing the reason is my “Yeah, start another thread!” line led people to believe the party was over.

Yeah! I’m in the lead:

dalovindj: Points: 1

are we gonna have to report it ourselves, or can we find someone who is bored outta their skull to go write down names for us?

Are we gonna felch goats or something? Shouldn’t this be a distinctly MPSIMS-y sort of thing?

Or am I missing something?

Well, over in this thread we hashed out ideas for rules. The point was brought up that these kind of things have gotten heated in the past. By putting it in the pit it allows you to attack the fact that you killed the thread (some think it’s bad), as well as use terrible mutha-fuckin’ language.

If a mod disagrees I understand, but I did confer with fellow dopers on the subject.

DaLovin’ Dj

Ah. I see. I’ll stop playing Mod-by-proxy.

Hey! Flirt thread! Woohoo!


**8. You must score it yourself. **

There we go. If we find some sort of gimp to go through and enter every single thread it kind of takes some of the participation out of the whole thing. So the rule is now law.

DaLovin’ Dj

Who decides at what point a thread is ‘dead’? Shouldn’t there be a specified number of days that a thread must sit without another post before it is declared officially ‘dead’? Sometimes a thread may be resurrected after a week or a month because someone thinks of another question, or finds some new info, or something.

And what happens if my post ‘kills’ this thread? Do I win a prize or something?

See 2. in the OP.

I did. We hashed it out in this thread, and I think that 10 days is fair. This rule keeps you from stealing someone elses thread kills after they point them out.

Read the rules of the OP. It’s 10 days. Just refer to rule #2.

You get one point for this thread if you are the first to hold the last post for 10 days. Other than that, just the honor of killing the thread killer thread should be enough.

DaLovin’ Dj

Oops! Thanks, Demise and dj - I better drink some more coffee or something, because I read that and it just didn’t register in my feeble brain. Duh!

FWIW, I think 10 days is a good call.

Other than that, just the honor of killing the thread killer thread should be enough.


Does a successful hijack count? :smiley:

Look at the loser, everybody! Yeah, yeah, so I had a bit of free time at work today.

Munch: 13

And I haven’t gotten to IMHO and the Pit.

Do closed threads count? I’d imagine that it wouldn’t, but if it does, one of the mods will probably win this one.

Wow, Munch.

I stand in awe of your ability to make people stop caring and change the subject.

Isn’t Handy the winner? Seems to me he routinely strolls into a dead thread, adds unnecessary or redundant information, then it dies, b/c everybody reads that the last post was by Handy and therefore not worthy of reading.

Sorry. Mods aren’t elligible. Being able to actually kill a thread at will is too much of an advantage.

DaLovin’ Dj

With regards to the O.P. , I’m sorry - but I don’t really want to know how successful a thread killer I am. It is not something I aspire to or am proud of . . . I just happened to be damned good at it. In fact you better hope someone posts after me - its a distinct possibility no one will. In short, enjoy your contest folks, I’m not playing. I will have to settle with being the “underground” thread assasin that I am.


Don’t forget to do the division with total posts…(I think that may be an advantage for me):slight_smile: am counting up posts right now.

Hope you are ready for all of this:

so 9/129 = about .07

So why am I able to close so many threads? Dunno maybe I am just a boring person. Of course knowing my luck no one will post after me on this thread.

Thanks. I credit all of this ability to my tendancy to not know when to quit. I’ve really made an effort lately to shut my yapper. The searches I did (last 2 years) only went back to last June or so, so we’ll never really know how utterly annoying I used to be (relatively speaking).

But I do have to comment on Dooku’s post. In my perusal, I noticed that many of the threads I’d posted to were killed by handy. But I’ll be damned if I’m gonna do a search on his posts!