Thread with most posts ever?

While browsing threads in the pit, I noticed that this thread (a pitting of Scott Plaid) has over 920 posts.

That makes me wonder…what thread holds the record for the most number of posts ever on SMDB?

That was the infamous “a” thread, which went on for well over 100 pages. Given that the title is “a”, it’s hard to search for, but search on “xylophone” and it should come up.

Ladies and gentlemen:


Wow. So, the “a” thread has 5,337 replies, and 31,139 views.

I guess a good runner up, that I just stumbled on, is the “Predict the next poster” thread, with 3,379 replies, and 19,745 views.

Both of these are closed MPSIMS threads.

Are there any others that have enormous post counts like these two?

If you set the search time period to beginning, you can sort on replies and views for all threads in each forum.

Honorable mention must go to the famous and often linked If LotR Had Been Written By Someone Else thread, which only has meagre 2041 replies but over 400 000 views and still counting. Of course, it’s also closed.

The ‘1920’s style death ray thead’ set some sort of record IIRC.
Or what about the ‘cooler of death’?
These are just off the top of my head.

Honorable mention must also go to Guy Stuff, which went to page 56 and 1116 posts back back in 1999.

(Well it was no longer 1999 when it died out but that’s when it started at any rate.)

While somewhat general in nature, this question is really About This Message Board (which is where you will next find it).

“are scalar weapons for real?” thread racked up a lot of posts

Lest we forget the lessons of history, we must remember this 36 page, 1780 message nightmarish glimpse into the world of the anti-skeptic.

What’s the longest running thread that actually continued a real conversation about something meaningful?


2 pages, I think.

This one.

The forum MPSIMS has had the longest threads so far. Besides the A thread of early 2003 with 5337 posts, we had late 2003 bring us four huge game type threads, OMFG with 3964, Song Title Game with 3914, Predict the Next Poster! with 3379, and Word Association Thread! with 2989.

Instead of linking to the biggest threads in each forum, let me tell you how to find them. In each forum, scroll down to Thread Display Options, drag down the menus til they read “Most Replies” and “From the Beginning,” click “Show Threads,” and you will see the largest threads in each forum. Obviously, each forum must be checked seperately.

There have been some, imho. The two AAVE threads (one in GQ, the other in GD) come to mind, since I was involved with them. The Ask the Gay Guy threads had some interesting bits, several math and space science threads got pretty long, as did some fun threads involving wit, creative writing (e.g. LOTR), or role play. Besides some glorious trainwrecks in the Pit.

Again, no links from me because it all depends on what you find meaningful.

Well, I started one in IMHO that went on for nine fun-filled pages, but really, only a total whore would link to a thread she started herself in this particular context.

I’m sick. I need help.

think there was a thread callled ‘Thread’ that has quite a few posts.

Top threads by replies for each forum:
Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share: a – 5,337
Cafe Society: All Diablo2 Talk here… – 2,814
Great Debates: Contact with the Great Beyond–Psychics like Praagh – 1,779
The BBQ Pit: Let the poor woman die already! – 1,254
In My Humble Opinion: Spit or Swallow? A followup poll TMI? – 1,032
General Questions: Are scalar weapons for real? – 1,017
About This Message Board: The SDMB is switching to paid subscriptions – 668
Comments on Cecil’s Columns: Damn fool war – 286
Comments on Staff Reports: What’s up with the biblical story of drunken Noah? (Part 1) – 153

Top 10 all-time SDMB threads by replies:
[li]a – 5,337 (MPSIMS)[/li][li]Oh, My Freaking God! (Looong!) – 3,964 (MPSIMS)[/li][li]Song Title Game – 3,914 (MPSIMS)[/li][li]Predict The Next Poster! – 3,379 (MPSIMS)[/li][li]Word Association Thread! – 2,989 (MPSIMS)[/li][li]All Diablo2 Talk here… – 2,814 (Cafe Society)[/li][li]If LotR Had Been Written By Someone Else!? – 2,041 (Cafe Society)[/li][li]The Movie Game – 2,010 (Cafe Society)[/li][li]Contact with the Great Beyond–Psychics like Praagh – 1,779 (Great Debates)[/li][li]The Movie Game II – 1,713 (Cafe Society)[/li][/ol]

And that’s 20 minutes of my life I’m never getting back.