What is the longest, continuously running thread on the SDMB?

What thread holds the record for being the longest, continuously running thread? Not counting stickies or zombies, of course; it must have new posts on a regular basis.

I am watching the Stupid Republican Ideas thread, and wondering when it will move into first place.

The World of Warcraft General Discussion thread is at almost 8,000 posts. I think that might be the record holder, but I’m not positive. We did a compilation of all the longest threads recently and I’ll try to find it.

If you want a laugh, check out the first post in this 160-page, 8K-post thread:


I think the World of Warcraft thread in The Game Room has nearly 8,000 replies, so it’s probably at least a contender.

Found it. And yes, this confirms the current WoW thread, which started in early March, has the most posts.

EDIT: When Zeldar started that thread, the Warcraft thread was only a few days old, so it didn’t merit inclusion. At the time, the longest thread was a. That’s still in second place after being the champ for a long time.

So do we need to change the motto to something like “the uberest, leetest, PWNers on the Internets (and a few noobs)?”


The most replies, yes, but it’s only been around since last March.

If we want the thread that’s been around the longest amount of time and still gets non-zombies replies, I’m going to nominate the City of Heroes thread. Just over 1,000 replies, but if it can make it to January 10th, it will have been around for five years.

Heh. If I may be permitted a mild geek-out fantasy, I’d like to take my Tanker in to Black Temple, or whatever the high end raid dungeon in WoW is now. Or, take my mage on the Statesman Task Force or whatever the high end content in CoX is now.

Sigh. I miss mmorgs. Stoopid dial-up connection. :frowning:

That’s what I was going for. Not most replies, but longest duration.

I take it that the Rudolph thread doesn’t count, since it’s only active around Christmas. But it’s been around since nearly the beginning. Heck, the OP is no longer with us.

Link? I think a seasonal thread would count, since new replies to it are appropriate, and not in a true zombie way.

Coldfire’s “May 5, 1945 - we shall remember” – started on May 5, 2000 (so going on 10 years) and up to 402 posts, the latest from May 7, 2009.

I think it’s probably the oldest non-zombified thread on the Boards. (and yes, I’m betting on there being some new posts to it, come May 5, 2010)

That would be this one: “Rudolph” T.V. Special. poopah chalupa died in 2002 but the thread gets a few new posts every year.

When I checked the “If LotR Had Been Written by Someone Else” thread, I was surprised to see that it “only” had 2042 posts (41 pages). I was sure it had more. Still, it ran for about 16 months until it was locked (October 10, 2002 to February 3, 2004).

ETA: On re-reading the OP, I see that my post isn’t really relevant. Apologies. I’ll leave it here, though, rather than have a gap in the thread.

Just for the record, the number of pages isn’t a meaningful metric, because each individual member can change the number of posts they see on a page. That LotR thread, for example, is 11 pages for me.

There’s my pigeon thread from May 2008, which I posted in early this month. That’s 684 posts in 14 pages over 19 months.