Three Important Manly Questions. Beer, Food and Women.

In three to five sentences, tell me how you like your beer, your wings and your women:

  1. Beer - lager draft, and not lite
    2 . Wings - extra suace, extra spicy
  2. Women - tall, athletic, brown haired/brunette.

Beer – nonexistent
Wings – with Rochester, N.Y.-style hot sauce
Women – exactly like Pepper Mill

  1. Beer - whatever’s on tap or in a bottle, just don’t make it bitter
    2 . Wings - Caribbean breaded wings from Calico Jacks here in G-ville, FL
  2. Women - I always thought sexywriter seemed my type

Beer - Too Young
Wings - Not very saucy, above medium, but not quite hot, with Ranch dressing on them
Women - Short, with long blonde or Short Brunette Hair, shaved/trimmed (you know what I mean;)), with a sense of humor, smart, and confident in themselves… That’s not so much to ask, is it?

Beer- I quit drinking, but if NA’s count then I have to say, St. Paulie Girl.

Wings- Doesn’t matter- just lots of 'em. I like less saucy ones, but it’s really the dipping sauce that I enjoy- Ranch. Yum.

Women- I’m married so I have to say that my wife is my ideal woman. I like dark curly hair and deep brown eyes. I’m a sucker for girls who say yes…

BEER: I like a variety. Cold (sorry, all you Europeans), with a decent head.

WINGS: don’t eat 'em. I just can’t figure out the attraction…

WOMEN: (peers over shoulder to see if fiance is watching)…how about intelligent for a start? Sense of humor. Calm and well-centered. Has a variety of interests.

Physically, the determining factor seems to be HEALTHY. Too skinny…ick. Too fat…ick, also. I have no real particulars otherwise, as I like all kinds of eyes (btw…the National Geographic picture…WOW, what eyes!!), most all kinds of hair (don’t like spiked or bald), don’t like flat-as-a-board or 44DDD’s, but most everything in-between; tall,short…whatever.

Well, since you asked:

Beer: Porters and dark ales. I don’t drink very much, so when I do, I want to taste it.

Wings: Barbequed, whatever that stuff is they put on Buffalo wings just doesn’t bring it.

Women: Smart, funny, honest, straight-forward, capable.
I’m lucky enough to have found one, and I’m keepin’ her!

beer: free and cold
wings: meaty and tangy
girlys: hot and hard

unfortunatly, what i end up with is,

beer: hot and tangy
wings: free and hard
girlys: cold and meaty

cant win em all, hell! i’d be happy with winnin a few!

Beer: Cold, from the tap, in a biiiiiiig glass.
Wings: Hot, from Joey’s Pizzeria, in Niagara Falls.
Women: Understanding, from home, in my bedroom.

Hrm. I don’t drink beer or eat wings. Does having a penis still qualify me as a “man”?

Beer: Room Temp, from Hooters
Wings: Warm, from Hooters
Women: Hot, from Hooters

Beer: Dark and Dark Ale is better

Wings: On Birds

Women: Yes

  1. Beer - imported, not bitter
    2 . Wings - spicy, dry, crispy, and dipped in bleu cheese
  2. Women - as friends. :wink:

Beer – dark or pale ales…my favorite: Bass.
wings – from Buffalo (where I grew up…the wings just aren’t the same anywhere else.)
women – intelligent, funny, natural looking (by that, I mean with little makeup), I prefer dark haired women and blue eyes.

  1. Saucy
  2. Saucy
  3. Saucy
  1. Beer: damn near any kind really, but I perfer Irish or English beers.

  2. Wings: I don’t likem, not at all.

  3. women: I likesem, likesem a lot. I perfer semi-tall 5’5"-5’10" or so, maybe that’s tall, dark hair, LONG hair, I can’t stand short hair it should be longer than mine, which is long. And I likem with B-C sized thingies. :wink:

Beer: Cold and Wet

Wings: Hot and Dry

Women: Hot and Wet

•Beef - Medium rare, the filet, please
•Wigs - Never worn one.
•Woden - Prefer Greek mythology to Norse

Well, that’s it. I’m off to get my eyeglass prescription checked.

Beer: I might drink 6 beers a year, I like Sam Adams for a mass produced or Red Hook Ale for a local microbrew.

Wings: My own made with my Crown Royal bbq sauce.

Women: Breathing. Seriously, my wife is all I need, no need to look anywhere else.

Beer-I dont care as long as its cold, in a green bottle and says Rolling Rock on the side (Bud Ice or Bud will do in a pinch after that pretty much any domestic)
Wings-I like them in front of me about to be eatin
Women-KittyHasClaws is the perfect woman…when she isnt angry at a guy named dead0man :wally