What's Your Alcohol Preference: Beer or Liquor?

I personally enjoy vodka with any juice/sports drink. I only enjoy flavored beers like Natural Light Strawberry Lemonade. I don’t like the cheaper brands like Miller & Bud.

However, I’m not a big shot person, in general, but I enjoy a nice cocktail or two. Examples include: Long Island Iced Tea, Alabama Slammer, & Seven/Seven.

Furthermore, Fireball isn’t that bad, even though it has cinnamon in it.

Liquor, mostly Scotch these days.

I can’t stand the taste of beer.

I’ll occasionally order a Guinness, porter, or lager, but I generally prefer hard cider – not a beer, I realize, even though it’s sometimes available on tap. The last few times I’ve ordered a cocktail, I’ve opted for a mojito, but I wouldn’t really miss liquor if I could never have it again.

How can you like fireball if you don’t like cinnamon? That’s the only flavor it has.

I probably drink more liquor, but if I was going to pick one or the other for the rest of my life I’d probably go for beer.

90% beer. 8% bourbon/rye on the rocks. 2% mixed drinks/shots on rare occasions. I dont do fruity shit anymore. All the sugar is pukey hangover fuel.

Scotch and whiskey

In that order

I don’t care for gin or vodka

Beer. But I’m not opposed to scotch or wine.

Beer, almost exclusively. I tried a flight of whiskeys at my local Irish pub after dinner one night and I was in bed asleep by 8:00. I’ll have to remember that if I need to get up early, though…

Cinnamon only has a slight spicy taste to it, but it’s tolerable for most people. However, when you mix cinnamon & alcohol together, the spice/burn levels increase, but it still goes well together.


Scotch (single malt but not highlands generally), and tequila are my drinks of preference. I’ll drink bourbon too if it’s good. Tequila is my favorite, again, if it’s the good stuff. I’m not really into beer, to be honest. Just not my thing. I will drink a hard apple cider though, if it’s really cold and it’s hot outside.

I drink beer mostly. But I do enjoy good liquor.

My wife and I kind of cycle; it’ll be wine for a few weeks, then beer for a few weeks, then cocktails for a few weeks.

Beer. I like spirits, but usually prefer beer.

Mostly wine, but will go through beer phases, and occasionally rum with a mixer. We have a kegerator in the basement that we haven’t used in about six years, and my wife suggested we plug it in and get a quarter barrel this spring. Who am I to argue, so it looks like I’ll be entering a beer phase for a while.

Beer, wine, and liquor; I appreciate them all.



Beer for meals and regular getting drunk at home/among friends. I only drink liquor in bars, and then only in fruity little cocktails. Which is probably a good thing, since I’m an alcoholic and beer’s punishing my liver enough I reckon. Don’t really care to graduate to quaffing straight vodka.

What he said. Just be interesting. Life is too short to waste calories, money, or liver space on boring booze.