Tiger Woods Looks Better Now.

Yes, I heard that this morning, and so I came in here to apologize for jumping to conclusions about Tiger’s excuse.

I still think hiring a chauffeur would be a good idea for him, though.

Astorian, I, too, said that Tiger was effectively done with golf, but I am pretty sure I said it back in 2010 or 2011. My brother-in-law told me I was crazy, and that Tiger would bounce back. Sadly, Tiger is no Tigger.

Also, I am about 99% positive that Jim B. was whooshing us.

He looks pretty bad in that mug shot, and I can’t imagine anyone thinking he looks good. Besides, how many people look good in their mug shots, anyway? It’s kind of par for the course.

This makes sense.

Nah. If that were the case, he’d have put a couple smiley faces at the end of his OP.

My thought exactly. I give exactly zero f***s about what he’s up to these days. But that mug shot, at least the one Google found ,is a picture of a total loser from the poor side of the tracks.

There is exactly zero good-looking about that guy. If two dudes were picked up at 3 am busting out car windows with a crowbar then rifling the cars for valuables I’d expect a look about like that.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

We can hope his problem was legit injury leading to drug addiction rather than simple recreational drug addiction. Either way, he’s losing at the game of life. Bigly.


Police dashcam footage is all over the web now. It seems pretty scummy to release it. Why would they do that?

Can they legally withhold it if someone request it? Honest question-- I really don’t know, but I wonder if something like the Freedom of Information Act is at play (at a local level).