Tighty-righties: Only 8 days until you’re free!

Now, Now. We are still at war and as we all learned from 2003 - 2006 ANY criticism of the President during wartime is UNAMERICAN and TREASON! I am sure that the tighty-righties will stand by the standard that they expected of the rest of us. :slight_smile:

Nah, they’ll be released from their restraints as soon he becomes President-elect.

Hey, Skald, this isn’t like a no-hitter in progress, you know. You can quiet down now. I’m spending the next weekend in Stroudsburg PA working the phones for Obama.

There is no Bradley Effect, and the “youth vote” isn’t accounted for in the polls anyway.

They aren’t yojimbo’s chickens to lose, though.

Indeed. I’m just going by all the polls and general agrement that it looks good for BO.

I’d love to see him win but ironically if he keeps to his word(cutting tax breaks for companies who ship their jobs abroad) an Obama presidency may be very bad for Ireland.

It really does look like he will win though :smiley:


If more conservatives were like you (and more liberals like, say, Skald), I think everyone would be happier. As it stands, the voices on the national stage have more in common with Der Trihs or what would happen to Shodan if you fed him an IV drip of Jaegermeister and speed.

For Christ’s sake, you guys act like saying Obama’s going to win is gonna jinx him. Karma’s gonna bite us in the ass.

This is silly stuff. It’s like the ancient Greeks believing that the gods are watching over us, just waiting to punish us if we compare our daughter’s beauty to Artemis, or some such.

Sure, a meteor could hit the Obama campaign tomorrow. But it’s just as likely…no, more likely…that said meteor would hit McCain’s campaign.

Count those chickens. COUNT THEM. Count em and weep. Obama’s gonna win. You know it. I know it. The American people know it.

You know what I’m sick of? Liberals and left-wingers acting like Karl Rove and the Republican party are brilliant political strategists and tricksters. They aren’t. They just aren’t. Sure, Bush squeaked into office not just once but twice. But that isn’t an example of brilliant political strategy, that’s an example of drawing to an inside straight. Sometimes you draw to an inside straight and you win. That doesn’t make it brilliant strategy to draw to an inside straight.

The Republican party is going down in flames this year. It is in tatters. It has crashed into the Amazon jungle, then the passengers climbed out of the wreckage with shovels and started digging themselves deeper. And you all are such “realists” that you can’t believe the evidence in front of your own eyes. Wake up. Count the chickens. Stop worrying about the Obama campaign and start worrying about state and local races. Gosh, it’s so scary…what if the Democrats don’t get 60 senators so they can quash filibusters? It would be a disaster! Don’t count your filibuster proof majority chickens yet! Aaaaagh! Panic, panic, we might not have a filibuster proof majority!

Well, since my name has been taken in vain, could you point to an instance where I, or any other conservative on this message board, has stated that it is un-American and/or treasonous to criticize the President?

Calling everyone in Stroudsburg, eh? What are you gonna do after that twenty minutes is up?

I think that he is saying that about a hypothetical you on the aforementioned Jager/meth drip. Which is silly, in that situation none of us would be following any coherent agenda. I don’t know about you, but I would be writing my Faulkner-esque Great American Novel on the side of a cow with a sharpie.

Oh woe. No matter who wins I guess I’m going to have to take a month off from this place.

The biggest problem I see with chicken-counting is that it could color people’s analysis of the inevitable voter fraud claims against republicans and could lead to violence if enough people feel that McCain stole the election. Also, it treats polls as some infallible crystal ball when in reality there’s a lot of guesswork involved and sentiment can change quickly.

Well, you do what you want. I don’t think karma has anything to do with it. All I know is I sat through 2 prior elections where I was sure that decency and truth would win out. It didn’t. Couple that with news accounts of the GOP (RNC) distributing flyers saying that Reps vote on Tuesday, Nov 4 and Dems on Wednesday Nov 5 due to some “special session”(see below) and I will rest easy when we are victorious. I’d like a conservative to defend this action on the part of the GOP. Then I’d like them to claim that they stand for truth, justice and the American way as they have for oh, so long.

This is how elections are stolen. This is the high minded and indignantly righteous party at work. I absolutely dread 4 years of McCain, but I cannot crow* until Obama is declared the winner. And then, the whining shall commence…

*and I will crow, for about 2 days. Hell, we deserve to crow after the last 8. And then we can shut up and get to work rebuilding this country.

Well, this time Obama’s got a massive, unprecedented ground campaign. Each ballot box in the country is gonna be bird-dogged by 100 bloodthirsty lawyers, their mouths stained red with the blood of christian children. And 100 anti-American mainstream media journalists. And 100 socialist lesbians. And 100 latte-swilling effete snobs. And 100 crackhead welfare dependent gangsta rappers. And so on.

And this gigantic antifraud effort doesn’t even matter. This ain’t gonna be a replay of 2000 or 2004. It’s 2008. It’s a whole new ballgame. Voter fraud isn’t gonna be an issue in 2008, because the 2008 election isn’t going to be close.

Well, I sure ain’t telling you that Obama’s going to win because I believe that decency and truth always win. Truth and decency frequently don’t win, as anyone with a passing acquintance with the history of the human race should know.

Obama’s not going to win because he’s the nicest and the sweetest and the most truthful. He’s gonna win because more people are gonna vote for him on Tuesday.

Heh, the two quotes were separate thoughts–I was trying to think of a Right version of Der Trihs on the board, and I couldn’t get any closer than you on jaeger and speed (which in my mind makes ANYONE a dick. =P). I mean, there are no end to dumber/angrier Righties, but I was trying to get the implication of someone with a considered opinion under the anger. And now I’m trying to craft the sentence to make it clear my intention was the opposite of being insulting.

Oh! I’m a latte sipping effete snob! Can I be one of them?

Sure. But the Reps jammed it down our throats that somehow they were “better” than us. That they loved America more, that they were morally superior, even though all evidence contradicted that claim. They still do so, with the nonsense re the “real America” and the “threat” that Obama could be Muslim. :rolleyes: ( <—for that threat, not your post)

Actually, I think both are true. I think people want positive change, not more fear mongering, bickering and roller derby tactics. There’s always going to be some deception/fraud/lying on either side, but I think overall, Obama has run a clean campaign. I think he regards us as adults–that alone puts him lightyears ahead of McCain.

Actually, they’re way ahead of you there. Talk about counting your chickens . . .

Ohio, same thing. What’s important about a no-hitter?