Time for breakfast in the MMP

I just finished a somewhat greasy sausage-egg-cheese croissant sammich from WaWa. Not my favorite, but it was ready to go and I was in a hurry this morning. Given a choice, I like omelets for breakfast, or French toast, or scrambled egg on toast with a slice of provolone. Mainly, I need protein in the morning. A donut on the run doesn’t do it. Oh, and caffeine - diet coke, of course.

Join me for breakfast - what’s your poison?

Happy Moanday!

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So we’ve been spending the past few days mourning the loss of my mother-in-law. She would probably have hated the attention, because she preferred to operate in the background. She hosted holiday gatherings for 25 two or three times a year at her house, running the kitchen with military precision so that every dish was perfectly hot and ready at the same time. She looked after the sprog during deployments, college and grad school, and as the sprog got older, served as his taxi after his extracurricular activities. She kept a roof over our heads. She did a million things for me (and for us), usually without being asked; she just stepped in and did them because they needed to be done.

Yesterday, at the viewing, I met almost everyone she knew, and I heard stories about her. She had a wicked sense of humor, a logistics officer’s talent for planning and procurement, and infinite patience and generosity. She often made me crazy, but if I am half the woman she was, I will have had a good life.

I’ll miss you, Diane. I’ll make mac and cheese this Friday in your honor, and I’ll make sure I look after your son and grandson as well as you did. Thank you for everything you ever did for me.

Oops - ninja’d.

I’m going to make oatmeal for breakfast this morning, or maybe breakfast sandwiches. It’s going to be a long day of eat-what-you-can-when-you-can.

Happy Moonday!

It’s a clear 35 degrees outside, supposed to get up to 47.

It’s been a crazy couple of days around here, and probably not going to get much saner this week.
Is okay though, part of the craziness is that irk has been extremely busy. I need the money and they are handing out bonuses.
Sah-son is driving me nuts too. I keep telling him to stop waiting until the last minute to do his classwork, but does he listen? Then he is in panic mode every Sunday night and is asking me every 5 seconds how to spell some word, or does he need to use a comma.

The dog, I love my dog, but he makes me nuts too. If he goes out he wants a treat, which is normal. But now he wants a treat when I come downstairs, when I go potty, after he eats, after he drinks (which he comes back and dribbles cold water on my feet until I give him a treat), when I eat, when I shift position on the couch, pretty much whenever I move or he moves - he comes over to me and stands there and stares at me until I give him a treat.
If I ignore him too long, he pretends he has to go out. Quite often I give him a treat, then he asks to go out anyway. and then want another one when he comes back in.
Don’t try ripping him off either, I break the treats into smaller pieces and he always knows if I short him a full treat.
He has me trained so well.

Today is grocery store day- everything has been ordered. I meant to get the order in yesterday, and because I didn’t I can’t get the steamed shrimp platter I wanted.

Breakfast for me is usually a bagel and cream cheese. If I run out of bagels, then it is cup o’ noodles.

{{{Rockin’ and AD}}}

Mooooom, you couldn’t have waited two minutes? Rockin’ volunteered.
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WAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! :frowning: I can’t eat this morning, gonna’ have some surgery about 11:00AM, and had to fast from midnight. But clever little boy I am, I’ve lined up sustenance for when I get home this afternoon. Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom… My stomach is growling already. If anyone wants to have a phantom breakfast in my place, go right ahead.

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Today’s breakfast is mixed berries and Greek yogurt atop a slice of toasted pound cake, and a YUUUUUGE mug of coffee.
Also, BLURF!

Ah my breakfast was served via Headline News this morning

Bush fell out! OH why did it take so long!!! (At least that is what it sounded like)

Otherwise it was the normal cereal and toast. I savored it for quite a while. When I eat with the husband, he gobbles down his meal which makes me eat faster…I hate that!

Almost 60 degrees here on Saturday, queer weather for the Heart month!

Wonder what the clover month will bring us!

{{{{Rockin’}}}} I’m sorry for your loss.
Friday would have been my mom’s birthday. At her service, folks came out of the woodwork whom I barely recognized, but they were people she had touched. Same when my dad passed. Nice to know, that they had such a wide influence, isn’t it?

(((((Rockin’))))), it’s hard to lose someone who has made such an impact on your life, but I am sure she would be proud of what you’ve achieved. After all, she must have been an amazing example to follow.

When my father passed away, we met (or had cards from) a lot of people he knew that even my mother had never met but might only have heard of in passing. I’d like to think it will be the same when my mother finally passes away but I also hope she has a very long time to go yet!

In other news, and following on from moooom’s other MMP, I had bacon and fried egg for breakfast today. Shadow scoffed the bacon rind because that’s his treat when there’s bacon around. Tomorrow it might well be oatmeal with raspberries and blueberries in an attempt to convince myself I can be healthy once in a while.

I do not eat what one would call a ‘normal’ breakfast; today was two Braunsweiger sandwiches and a Coke. I’ll then skip lunch and have my usual Jimmy John’s #7 for dinner.

Hey, I’m a batchlor, I can eat whatever I damn well feel like fixing. Yesterday was 6 Glazed donuts for Brunch and a bowl of Salad and Tomatoes for dinner…balanced diet, that’s me…

Rain predicted for this evening with temperatures falling, but still in the 50’s F today.

{{{Rockin’}}} to you and the family. Sounds like Mom-in-law was quite a gal.

And so to work (such as it is and what there is of it).

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{{{Rockin’}}}. That was a very moving memorial to your MIL.

Greetings all. Ingesting coffee (breakfast Part 1). Usually toast or a protein bar for Part 2. Also with more coffee.

Back to the kids-out-the-door shuffle.

Happy Moanday!

I’m so sorry for your loss Rockin’.

The best thing I can say about this weekend is that it is finally over. Unfortunately, that means it’s back to the grind though. I kind of went on strike yesterday. I was so over everyone’s crappy attitudes. I told the boys they were fending for themselves for dinner and then went for a drive.

My typical breakfast is a large cup of coffee with vanilla almond milk.

I don’t usually eat much in the way of breakfast these days. I have coffee, plus a small amount of bread/toast/a roll/something similar. I tend to get stomachaches if I don’t eat food while I have coffee.

I’m trying to keep my weight down, and by not eating much at breakfast, I figure that helps. Of course, my overeating at other times of day doesn’t really help anything.

I’ve been very busy with my theatre group orchestra these past few weeks, so I haven’t been on the Dope much, but that orchestra is over for now. Great fun. :slight_smile:

On Thursday night I enjoyed a lecture and concert at McGill, where the McGill Wind Symphony performed a variety of music. A wind symphony is where people play wind instruments. Arrgh, I’m trying to explain this so that nobody can turn it into a fart joke. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe I should’ve called it a concert band… haha.

Thanks, everyone.

Breakfast was a fruit and yogurt thing from McDonald’s and a light English muffin. I did meet friends for coffee early this morning, so I’m caffeinated.

Unless she’s chastising one for starting an unauthorized MMP. :stuck_out_tongue:

This has been a weird morning. At first, I was pretty much twiddling my thumbs. Now I’ve got a good bit on my plate. My boss actually came around *twice *to see what I was doing and I discovered he doesn’t get snark - yet another reason to move on.

At least the rest of the day should be busy. The engineer keeps changing his mind - I expect because people keep changing their requirements. I give him a little verbal abuse, and life goes on. :smiley:

Is it Firday yet?? (yes, my bad attitude is showing.)

{{{{Rockin’}}}} Much good thoughts and wishes and hugs your way. My MILs birthday would have been last week. I still miss my Dad and Popsi almost every day. But I try to honor all three as I go through my time here and the things I do and say.

As for breakfast — most times for me its a simple granola bar or something like that. My morning stomach is not the happiest thing in my life and rarely does it want any real food until its been awake an hour or two. So normally I go pretty much straight to lunch. And since with my current work schedule I make lunch larger and sometimes more dinner like, my consumption of mass quantities differs somewhat from you blunt-skulls.