Time For Some of You To Be Out-ed

Who here at SDMB dares puts ketchup on a hot dog?


Of course I put kethup on a hot dog.

And mustard.
And relish.
And chopped onions.
And chili
And more mustard (Gulden’s this time).
And saurkraut.
And zuccini slices.
And hollandaise sauce.
And another hot dog on top of the existing hot dog.
And Hamburger Helper.
And an entire Roasted turkey, complete with giblets and chestnut stuffing.

Now that’s a hell of a weenie.

Good god, NO!

Mustard, onions, chili, sauerkraut, cole slaw…but I dare not profane the Sacred Weiner (shut up, you perverts) with ketchup.

Yup. Not just my hotdogs either. Every type of meat gets ketchup. And my eggs, and taters, and spaghetti…

My kids do, but they put ketchup on damn near everything.

My hubby does.

I do not - mustard only. The hubby will not eat mustard. He is a heathen.

I put ketchup on my hot dogs, and am proud of it!

I used to put ketchup on everything, including my macaroni and cheese, but I’m much better now. ut hot dogs need something. I don’t like uncooked tomato. I don’t care what Cecil says (heresy, I know), but ketchup is the ideal hot dog condiment.

Ketchup? Hmph. The only things that go on my hot dogs are mustard and chopped onions.

I do.

In fact sometimes that is all I put on my hotdog.

Mm Mmm.

Those guys probably use that red goop on those fat free, no shrink turkey dogs. And don’t know the difference.

Heathens. Philistines. None of you shall be saved.

Mustard, onions, relish. Or chili. On an all beef, natural casing weiner. Get those mixed-meat, no casing, pasty dogs out of my sight.

Ditto. It is all I ever put on a hotdog.

Not if I have chilli and onions at my disposal. But without these two I would use the rest ketsup, mustard (spicy brown I’d hope), onions, sweet pickle or some other kind of relish. Perhaps a glob of cole slaw.


Never mind, I’ll be nice



Wow. I had no idea about the ketchup boo-haha. Of course, I don’t eat hot dogs, so it’s a moot point, but color me de-ingorantized.

Guilty of putting ketchup on my tofu hotdogs.

Ketchup on hotdogs…BLEAH!

I’ll only eat kosher hot dogs. I love spicy deli mustard, onions, and sauerkraut. Or chili and onions. Of course, now that I am trying to watch what I eat, I will not be eating hot dogs, no matter what is or is not on them. :frowning:

I’m also having flashbacks to the Great Condiment Wars during the AOL days of the SDMB. I was the Spicy Princess back then.

Well, I do.
However, I use a german curry-ketchup. It’s quite flavorfull, and I feel perfectly acceptable to place on hotdogs and sausages.
So nyah.

spicy ketchup
spicy mustard
chopped onions
dill relish
maybe hot peppers
tabasco sauce

Gives me a nice warm feeling in my stomach long after the hot dog is eaten.

As a rule, mustard and onion only. However, if I’m feeling like living dangerously, chili and cheese, or sauerkraut. NO ketchup. Or relish. Or coleslaw. Now I think I’ll go have a hotdot.