Time travel without leaving home

Holy crap! I was googling information about one of my favorite sketch comedy shows ever (The State), and clicked a google link that looked to be in line with what I was seeking. I didn’t notice that it was a link to SDMB, let alone to my own thread from 2001! :smack:

I was part of the old AOL board, and was active from 1997 until somewhere in the 2000’s. Logged on briefly in 2014, but didn’t stay for long at all.

I am so excited to have rediscovered the boards, and can’t wait to browse and add to the community again! Not sure who’s still around from back in those days, but if we used to talk, hi again! If you’re someone that I’ve not met yet, nice to meet you!

I may hit the moderators up about a name change (since I gave up Pez collecting a long time ago… still punk though!). If that happens, new name, same old guy :slight_smile:

I remember your name. Welcome back.

Now, how about that 20 bucks you owe me? :slight_smile:

HA! Hi there. I forgot to mention that when I was time traveling, I also took care of all my debts. I can’t believe that you don’t remember! :wink: