Tired of Columbine

I can see that I may be opening myself up to get blasted here. Oh well. I’m sick to death of hearing about Columbine. Yes, it was a tragedy. Yes, it was a bad thing. Yes, I hope it never happens again. But, come on, do I need to hear about it on frickin SportsCenter? It’s over, I don’t anticipate anyone forgetting about it, but come on, let’s put it in perspective here…on the grand scale of “things never to forget,” Columbine ain’t up there with the real tragedies, the Holocaust, Stalin’s purges, etc. There have been far greated tragedies that happened right here in America. The decimation of the Native Americans, for example. It seems to me that Columbine was and still is being blown way out of proportion by the media. Maybe that’s just how I feel though.

Oh, and as for why I’m posting this now…because yesterday was its “One Year Anniversary,” and there was a renewed media blitz. The SportsCenter thing was what really got me. Anyhoo.

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Yeah i know what you mean but still i think its in bad taste to say you are sick of a tragedy. Everyone may be sick of it but you never say so because its a tragedy.

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I agree with you being tired of Columbine.

Recently at a local High school they shut down school for a day to reenact a Columbine incident. 2 students went class to class picking out students that they would have killed. Then those students were taken to a room to think about the whole situation and talk about it. Then they took drama students and made them look like kids who had been shot. Most students I talked to thought the whole encounter was boring and a waste of time…but got them out of class.

Also as a side note a local leather jacket store was having a 50% off sale on leather jackets. I figured that I would pick up a leather trench coat. Usually they would be more expensive than I would spend on jacket (300-400) so this seemed like a great opportunity. Well unfortunately since the whole Columbine encounter the store temporarily stopped selling trench coats!


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I think that the media is also ripping open wounds in Littleton. The first year after a death is going to usually be the worst anyway–do they need national media attention to add to it? Does this qualify in any way as real “news”?

No, and no.


I side with one of the shooting victims, who was on CNN just the other day: by constantly reporting on the shootings, talking about it, showing video on it, writing columns about it, and so on, the media is giving the shooters exactly what they wanted: fame and attention.

It’d be nice if they’d lay off and let the people of Littleton put their lives back together.

It’s the parents that I feel sorry for. They can’t get past their grief because every day of their lives it’s thrown back in their face. No you can’t lose a child and not grieve and think of that child every day. But there are so many happy memories that I’m sure each family has of their deceased love one that they can’t think about because all they hear day in and day out is how their child was killed. It’s wonderful that people are concerned and want to avoid this happening again, but give the parents a rest.

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What really bothers me about the whole thing is the way the two murderers have been treated. Whenever you hear memorialize the 13 killed it makes me sick. 15 people died that day. I remember whne they planted trees for the 15 dead, some of the parents of the students who were killed went and ripped up two trees. Yes, they killed people, they were human though. There is no need to strip them of that.

Hate to agree.
was a horrible thing to happen. Wish we would all learn from it. Not drag it out and naw on that ol’ bone again.

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I think too much is made of it, also. People die all the time from various tragic unnecessary preventable causes. This particular tragedy is one that is very apt to be copycatted, and is more likely to the more they talk it up.

In our city a 10-month-old died when his mother and her boyfriend got into a shoving match and knocked the TV off a little table onto him, crushing him. If that made the national news people might go around looking at the stability of their heavy appliances, and think about putting little folks in play pens when they aren’t being watched. Of course, that wouldn’t sell newspapers or advertising time the way endlessly replaying Columbine apparently does.

I am jolly well fed up with Columbine. I get tired of anything after endless repeats of anything.

It wasn’t even the worst school violence. There was one event several years ago, one of the school employees was angry cause his taxes were being raised. He set bombs and killed something like 22 or 42 I forget which.

Just once the purveyors of mass hysteria ought to point out that in 99% of high schools there were no killings.

Give it a rest, CNN.


Just wait, we’ve still got the anniversary rehash of JFK Jr’s boo-boo and Payne Stewart’s freaky passing coming up (I don’t know about Payne, but I’m willing to bet we get something on Jr.).

I know this will get me flamed but what the hell.

I think Columbine actually shows how good we have it in the U.S.

In Rwanda, Algeria, Indonesia, and former Yugoslavia whole villages are murdered on a daily basis.

In the U.S. 13 kids die and we are fussing over it a year later.

Thank the IPU we live in a society as peaceful as the U.S. !

That said I agree with the main post. enough already. let the people who were affected grieve and heal in peace. It’s no one else’s business

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Yea, but wouldn’t it be nicer to live in Denmark, where kids don’t get killed at school every week? I’m always amused when Americans say we’re better than the third world so we’re number one.

This is a seriously skewed viewpoint. You can just as easily look at a country where gun crime is extremely rare and say how bad America is in comparison. To compare America to Rwanda and say “Gee we’re not so bad after all” is ludicrous.

What the fuck? Does anybody else think this is wrong? Misguided at the very least.

It’s bad enough that the people that were actually there have to relive this in their minds every day for the rest of their lives, but to actually reenact it like it was some kind of historical event is really creepy, to say the least.

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I live not too far from Columbine. Not only am I sick of rehashing the incident, I get furious over a) teenagers who were not dorectly affected wearing their grief on their sleeve to get on the news and b) Clinton/Gore et al. using it to further their political goals.

Matt, it’s commentary like that which drove me crazy over at LBMB. Of course they were saying it as a reason to have organized prayer back in the schools, but the fact is that if we had school shootings every week, we wouldn’t be remembering this one a year later, now would we?

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Can I assume that the ambiguous “et al.” is for the right wingers who use the tragedy to further their political goals - such as prayer in the schools? If so, why not come out and say it?

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Good point, oh Evil One.

I agree with SouthernXYL, both politicians and the media need to quit blathering on about Columbine. You keep publicizing events like this, and you are only encouraging the potential copycats who are always lurking out there.

Yes, all of them. But I mainly dislike the pro gun control rhetoric. It seems that the local right wingers tapered off about 6 months ago while clinton and the 4000 shoes were being featured prominantly around the anniversary.

And there is one little distinction: The pro-gun side wants to diminish our constitutional rights whereas the religious groups merely want to jam the ten commandments down our throats. Given a choice between the two, I would take the latter.