TMI question

I imagine the conversation began, “So, Bob, why do you have such a sh*t-eating grin this morning?”

When I answered calls for a dominatrix you wouldn’t believe how many calls I got requesting that. It was the one thing she wouldn’t do but only because she was afraid if somebody got sick they would sue her.

I would think he’s playing the lottery and has just been lucky so far.

And the bit about the chunks: eww! So I assume there are chunks of spit out poo on the bed after? Again, eww!

“This is defecated to the one I love!”

Have you ever eaten a sandwich or an hors d’oeuvres, canape, or appetizer after shaking hands with someone? (Perhaps at a lunch time business meeting or an after work meet-and-greet or even a Christmas party?)

Better question: have you ever shoved your face into the crack of another’s butt and licked until you found chunks?


Have you thought of an “ask the” thread?

I knew a girl who was really into analingus; both giving and receiving. While I never partook in any “giving” myself, I was the receipient of such um, generosities, and, whoa-Nelly! is it ever an intense experience. It actually can be very erotic and hot as hell. Just do y.our making out beforehand. :wink:

I am not expressing any opinion regarding one’s visceral reaction to the topic of this thread. In the interest of promoting the Straight Dope, I noted that one might very well convey some fecal bacteria to one’s own mouth through rather innocuous actions that are really not that rare.

As others have noted, humans appear to have sufficient resistance to disease that such actions do not typically result in epidemics, (dysentery and cholera notwithstanding), but it is unlikely that the majority of us take a Spotless McFarland approach to life and so most of us probably do encounter fecal bacteria from time to time.

Granted we ingest fecal bacteria on the regular, but butt diving isn’t exactly a very common way of doing so. Also, what exactly is the pleasure derived from such an act? I am trying so hard not to gagg while typing this

Look, I’ve never done it (not sure why I feel compelled to put that disclaimer in, but I do), but it’s not hard to imagine why it feels good. Same reason anal intercourse feels good - there’s a ton of nerve endings in and around the anus, and they’re intimately connected (as it were) to the nerves in and around the genitals. As for the eatee - it feels good to make your partner feel good.

As a woman who’s given probably more than her fair share of blowjobs, it has occasionally occurred to me when I’m downtown that the scrotum probably has its own share of fecal contamination due to proximity to the anus and the physics of farting. As, I’m sure, does the lower end of my labia. We’re surprisingly resilient to our own gut flora, and that of partners we share a bacterial pool with.

Yeah, don’t go quitting your day job any time soon to start writing erotica or anything…:eek:

I just have to comment that I love your posts so damn much sometimes.

I feel so intimately connected to my husband now! Gut flora and shared bacterial pools and all!



I only write erotica for sapiosexuals.

Hey, you’re pretty smart. How *you *doin’? :wink:

I’ve done and received it a couple times over my life. It’s not a particular turn-on, but it was an interesting experiment I’d be willing to repeat. So here’s a few things I’d say about it.

First, there are a lot of nerve endings there, and they have an advantage in that they’re almost never touched. In fact, I’d wager that few people ever touch their anus without toilet paper, soap or water in between the anus and their fingers. Maybe your doctor has done an exam there, but even that’s a rare event in a different context. So it’s an entirely novel experience, and it is inherently pleasurable when you let it be.

Second, I would only consider doing it on a relatively clean person. And on a clean person, there is not a significant smell or flavor. You could be licking their elbow in that regard. I would try to handle any surprise unpleasantness calmly and without judgment, but I’d be grabbing a washcloth or something in the case described by the OP.

Third, yes, there’s a sort of revulsion and oddness to it. That creates almost it’s own attraction - here you are doing something that is both safe and pleasurable and yet simultaneously dangerous and wrong. It’s like bungee jumping - on the one hand you’re plummeting to your death and on the other hand, you’re perfectly safe. (Actually, I say that hypothetically. People who bungee jump are incomprehensible to me and I would never do it myself.)

Fourth, I feel like there’s a substantial trust and acceptance issue there. It’s a way of way of saying “I like you, I accept you and I want you to be happy - all of you, even the parts you’re ashamed of.”

Um, I am not ashamed of my butt hole, I just don’t want anyone’s tongue near it. I don’t see how this translates to “I want you to be happy?”

This is something I just won’t get, along with anal sex. I have tried that and I am just not interested.