TMI question

My co-worker/friend is an avid ass eater he has been doing this for many years with several different women. He said that sometimes he gets a little nugget on his tongue and he just spits it out. He claims to have never gotten ill from all of this munching.

My question as someone that has never partaken of the rectum, how do you not get sick form this?

More importantly, how does this come up in conversation with a coworker?

Well whenever I complain about my wife’s mood he says “all she needs is her ass eaten!” It’s a fun place to work!

Well…did it help the situation?

I don’t doubt I’d get sick from it- I almost get sick just reading about it.

She has less then no intrest in trying it. I am curious and willing myself. The co-worker said it is similar to putting a penny in your mouth, kind of a metallic taste.

There’s bacteria everywhere.

Licking ass probably increases the chances of getting sick, but doesn’t guarantee it.

He may have built up a tolerance to her ass bacteria anyway.

He’s not doing it right. You should always puree the ass before eating it - a food processor leaves too many chunks.

It’s not without health risks, but as **bup **says, it’s not all that different than shaking hands with folks who don’t wash their hands after they use the bathroom.

I suspect that if he encountered a partner with dubious hygiene practices, he might be less inclined to partake – but that’s just as true of the front door as it is the back.

Umm, I don’t lick my fingers after shaking hands. Plus I wash them more than twice a day, so not the same thing at all.

And OP…EW :frowning:

Couples who sleep together and regularly engage in some of the more common forms of sexual stimulation are pretty immune to each others bacteria. A swab of your lower body would turn up a lot of little buggers. This stuff gets embedded into your skin.

That said, find a new place to work.

Your friend would probably benefit from a washcloth in the bedroom. A clean rear end is undoubtedly cleaner than a lot of the things we consider safe, maybe even your toothbrush. Fecal coliforms are everywhere.

And clearly it’s just me, because nobody ever agrees with me… but kissing strikes me as about the least sanitary thing you can do with another person. Once my tongue has been in another person’s mouth, seriously, what’s worse than that?

Well, you have a tongue in your mouth all the time. You do not have an asshole in your mouth all the time.

Is today Coprophagia Day on the Dope, or what?

Here’s the Straight Dope on Is coprophagia dangerous?

Indeed. That would be worse.

Seeing The OP’s profile I’m even more curious to know where he works - it seems as if he … Uh … is surrounded by the topic.

There are some bacteria (fecal coliform, for example) that only exist in a persons lower digestive tract, and do nasty things if they get in other parts of the body.

Thankfully our skin is a pretty good barrier against infectious agents. It’s breaks in the skin and places like the mouth, nose, and vagina that germs use to get in.

Hey, OP, anyways, is your coworker’s woman hot, or what?

And if not, well. . .

I admit I checked the join date on this one. :slight_smile:

Damn near killed him! (Hey, someone had to say it). Anyway, analingus and scat/golden showers are simply things I will never understand. I remember many years ago I was downloading a porn image with a 2400 baud modem. This particular image took about a minute to load. (You youngsters don’t appreciate how good you have it.) I remember my thoughts as this picture loaded from the top down going something like this:

0:05 OK, she has short bonde hair…
0:15 very cute face…
0:25 Nice firm little boobies, very promising so far…
0:35 Nice tummy, she must work out…
0:40 Nicely trimmed pubes…
0:45 OMFG! She’s dropping a deuce…
0:55 JFC! Into a dude’s waiting mouth?! WTFWTFWTF???
0:60 My reaction.

Exactly. 1 of the big dangers of perforated colonic ulcer or ruptured colon is e.coli. OK, so lets say uv been partaking of analingus for a while with 1 partner, no adverse fx. U cut ur face shaving 1 day (I’m assuming a guy, tho with the Teeming Millions…), then proceed to analtongue. If some of their shit wipes into the cut, the e.coli goes directly into the blood. Similarly, if u have a cold sore, bit ur cheek, etc.
Really, I’m adventurous but why put ur auxiliary pleasure delivery probe into ur partner’s garbage removal chute? Not judging from a moral standpoint but I’m not willing to try - is it really *that *gr8? :frowning: