To all the people who pissed me off today!(really lame, kinda long)

Firstly, No do not shout Cite at me just dont, It didnt happen in here I’m just venting it in here! ok?!

Right thats that established.

Person Number One. When an arguement is finished and apologized for dont bring it back up, dont jump at me when I apologize for taking your damn story up the wrong way, I said sorry!! dammit what the hell more do you want?? I deleted my responce to your last half assed message because fuck sake dammit I didnt want to get into an argument with you! And as for your go to hell comment that you so easily made because thats all I deserve, well let me tell ye something friend! with your fucking attitude I sure as hell wont be alone, WILL I???

Person Number Two. Yes this is regards your little nit pick with the bloody argument because ooh your his fucking friend, Dont tell me you read the post once and said no Il leave it then read it again after the bloody arguments and decided then youd reply. Dammit you did it to add fuel to an argument that didnt need fuel adding to! Jesus Like!!! and For god sake why did you bring up murder and Religion?? It had sweet fuck all to do with any of them!!! Me Nerves!!!

Person Number Three. Why did you delete the post?? Dammit your my friend, and you deleted the posts so basically I looked like a proper bitch all day, to all the members until it was deleted, and I couldnt even respond??? Just What were you thinking??:frowning:

Person Number Four. Oh yes the exfucking boyfriend who really just pushed me over the edge I think I might actually be insane!! Firstly Dont send me a bloody text message telling me to turn on the telly and watch the dangers of Internet chat rooms documentry. OK I am sick to death that you cant get over the fact that I use chat rooms, GET OVER IT! and whos going to know about how the rooms operate? Me, whos been using them for like 2 years, or you, who used them for three weeks??? Seriously! So dont text me with your shit and tell me to watch, and then when I dare to respond saying how I wouldnt get into that situation because I would never ever agree to meet a man whom I new online for 2 bloody days! and how its partly the parents fault, because kids should be monitored online!!! AND when I text this to your sisters phone because you told me the day before thats how to get in touch cos yours is dead, you have a fucking problem with that??? you tell me to stop texting your sister unsuitable messages??? YOU TOLD ME TO RESPOND THAT WAY!!! what are you STUPID? and it wasnt even unsuitable!! So I reply and apologise incase she was offended, and you still have a fucking problem?? OH GET REAL!!! I mean seriously!

Person number 2, im not mad at you at all really, just when its with everything else it gets to me
Im not even mad at person one and two, just confused as to how a little thing blew up.
But Person number four? unless you get your ass onhere or ring me, you are a fucking egit and why it took me so long to get over you i will never know!
To ppls of SDMB, yes i know i used far to many ?'s and !'s

and no one replied to my rant, not even to tell me to give over whinging :(:frowning:

I will read your rant tomorow when I am sober and I do my vanity search. Right now I haven’t the ability or patience to read any paragraph that spans more than two lines.


I have learned in the last 2 days… that peoples problems are relative to that person. So anyone who responds after me saying to stop your whining, Needs a nice warm glass of shut the fuck up.

ANYWAY… while we are on the subject… here’s an anonymous person i’d like to slap with the back of my hand.( i.e. see bitchslap

Person Number Five. When i call you asscakes up from my work and ask to order something from your punk ass company, I expect you to confirm the pricing to me via fax. Don’t give me that long drawn out sigh like, oh heaven forbid, you might have to remove your ass from your chair and do some real work. You must remember that ‘I’ am the customer, and I’m always right… If I asked you to UPS me some coffee, bitch you better ask me if I want sugar and cream.


To the OP:

What is the purpose of venting here? Are you looking for sympathy, or suggestions? Without a more coherent story of the incident in question, your post makes complete sense only to you.

macabresoul, I tried to read the train wreck of a thread you posted about windshield cleaner on your hood. You allowed everyone to push your buttons, and sounded more agitated with every post.

I can agree with you on your point about Person #5, but the line about “the customer is always right” and following up that with saying

If the company actually sold coffee, you would just be a rude customer. If not, then you are an idiot.

It’s great that the only thing you took literal about my post is the joke. I’m not gonna hijack this thread because you are posting something totally irrelavent to the topic at hand. Post in my thread if all you’re gonna do is yap away.

This isn’t a chat room.

…yes it is

Any ladies here tonite press 69.


SteelerPhan neither to be honest, I had a bad day and I vented about it shock horror but isnt that what you do in the pit, give out about whatevers pissing you off??? Oh, and there was no need for the whole story to be put out there, all it was was a misunderstanding that got blown way out of proportion.
Byter Its not a chat room?! well go figure! cos I hadnt figured that much out on my own :rolleyes: that part was a joke
Macabre what are you on about???

So was the chat room remark. I probably need to use more smilies.