to my idiot neighbors who don't know how to park

To the idiots who park on the sidewalk, therefore forcing me and any other pedestrians to walk on the street- UP YOURS! THAT’S WHAT THE FRIGGIN’ DRIVEWAY OR GARAGE ARE FOR! FOR ONCE I’D LIKE TO WALK DOWN THE SIDEWALK TO GET MY MAIL AND NOT HAVE TO ZIGZAG ALL OVER THE STREET! Is your driveway too sacred to park on? Is your garage too full of crap to have room for a car? :mad:

That’s what bumpers are for-- A step, so you can just walk up, on, and over their car. No need to zigzag.

I have the same problem in my area. Every day, people park their cars along the sidewalk instead of their driveway. This creates two MINOR problems. First, it cuts the street down from two lanes to one. Often, I’ve had to come to a complete stop because another car coming from the opposite direction has to move to the center of the road because of cars parked along the sidewalk. The second problem created is it’s a hazard to small children. They play along the sidewalk, and with cars parked there, it’s a lot easier to lose track of where they are when they run in between parked cars. And IF they suddenly appear in the road, it may be too late for a driver to react in time to stop from hitting them. It’s a tragedy waiting to happen. How I WISH people would actually USE their driveway. It isn’t there as a decoration piece, people! Sheesh! :rolleyes:

What, don’t you people have keys?

I should clarify that my problem with people parked along the sides of the streets are while I am driving. How I wish I could edit my posts…:smack:

More to the point, don’t you people have police forces? Call and report the situation - I’m pretty sure the local constabulary will be happy to send a squad car out to write some nice expensive tickets.

That sounds like the perfect solution to me. One of the best ways to get people to do something that they don’t want to do is to hit 'em where it hurts: the pocketbook.

Our new neighbors have a two car garage, and a corner lot with lots of street parking. Do they use either? No of course not. The idiots drive across their front lawn and park right in front of the front door to their house. No they are not handycapped just to damn lazy to walk 40 feet to the curb, or 35 feet to their garage.

Some cites have ordinaces against parking in yards.

Once, in my old house, I left my car parked in the street with one wheel slightly on the grass (no real curbs, just a little bit of a rise). Came home (was driving my truck that day) to find a ticket on the car for violating parking law concerning yards.

So, on the sidewalks? There’s gotta be something illegal about that, right?

I’m confused, are you saying people should park on the side of the road? Surely this would mean less space is available?
I’m not saying people should park on the pavement (sidewalk if you must) if they have a driveway / garage, but some places simply don’t have these.

We have three cars and driveway space for one. Well, two if you aren’t planning on taking one of the cars anywhere, since what was originally a one-car garage is the den. So I get to park on the street. However, we have the weirdest damn non-curbs I’ve ever seen around here; instead of a nice step, they’re just a slope from lawn level to street. So it’s easy to pull up just onto the grass. The road is still pretty narrow when there’s a lot of cars parked, but that’s the best anybody can do, unless they get rid of a car. And that is simply Not An Option.

What makes me craziest is parking the wrong way around (when I approach the house so it’s on my left) because that was a ticketable offence in SoCal where I learned to drive. I guess it’s not here, but I can’t quit feeling like I’m doing something wrong.