To the girls: what would you do if you had a penis for 24 hours?

To the girls: what would you do if you had a penis for 24 hours?

Lots of yoga.

Wonder what all the fuss is about.



Seeing as your a woman, Audrey, I suppose it would take a bit for it to sink in. -smile-

I always thought that, in most cases, women got the better deal, sexually, especially when it came to self-gratification. I had a friend who used to masturbate under her desk at work - no way I could pull that off! Seems like a vagina is a lot harder to simulate than a penis, as well…and you can get a dildo with many advantages over the real thing, the only advantages a doll or pocket-pussy might have over the real thing is availability. They also get multiple orgasms. Only drawback is it’s possible for sex to be bad for a woman. 8^)

Hear, hear!! Batz Maru!

If it helps the topic any, I am a lesbain trapped in a man’s body… so I know what it is like, first-hand, for a woman to have a penis! All I can think of is… well, you can probably see where this is going… Wow! This penis-thingy is really cold! And that place right there looks like it might be nice and warm… I wonder if I put this there…?

feigns shock at CnoteChris’ remark

Okay. Honestly? I don’t know. I might play with it. Or I might just sit around and see if I feel any difference when I watch sports on TV.

I definitely would try peeing standing up, just to see what it’s like. I have a feeling that the novelty of it will wear off quickly, though.

Despite my curiosity about what sex would feel like from, um, that point of view, I would not run out and get laid as fast as I can.

Besides, I can’t imagine that a lot of men would want to sleep with a woman with a penis.

Hope it snowed so I could write my name with pee. Then take a photo of it.

No shit, Sherlock! Women have multiple orgasms, and they last minutes. The male orgasm? Ten seconds, TOPS. That’s ridiculous!

Ten Seconds? Then you’re not doing it right. Or maybe it has something to do with your screen name…

I’d call Esprix, or Matt, or . . .

I’d trip over it, most likely. :smiley:

Have one attached to me or just have one nearby?

Ha! The novelty never wears off! Peeing standing up is one of our gender’s few real advantages. I estimate that we men save around two or three years over a lifetime by not standing in line in public restrooms.

In fact, we don’t even have to use restooms. The whole world is our urinal! Mmwa-ha-ha-ha!

Ten seconds tops?
WHy are you counting during it???

So, how long until you can have the operation? Are you on hormones yet?

My Penis, from the old National Lampoon.

Tell my sister in law she can suck my ****!!

Eeeww no, the thought just gives me the willies. I’m hopelessly female … penis or no penis.

So God is making Adam and Eve, see… They’re pretty much finished when God says to them “You two are almost ready, but I’ve got these two parts left over and I can’t decide who gets what. I’m gonna let you two choose. First is the ability to pee standing up…”

Adam starts jumping up and down and shouting, “Ooh, ME! I want that one! Me!”

God says, “Are you sure?”.

“Oh, yeah! That’ll be soooo cool!”

“Well, OK. Here you go…”

Adam immediately makes the world’s first standing wee-wee and says, “NEAT! Hey, what does she get?”

“Multiple orgasms.”


Pee standing up
Jack off
Get head
Get laid.